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Gas Milage Screwed Up!

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ok I own a 2000 SEL and I've been noticing horrible fuel milage for awhile now. Anyway, I drove to Toronto from where I live. I filled it up right before I left and when I arrived in Toronto (350Km) I filled up again and in costed me $33.00CAN. I was driving really slow.Then the next day I drove straight back doing crazy speeds on the 401( I was WOT many times) and filled up when I got home and it costs $22.00CAN and gas was more expensive! I only burned half a tank! What the heck? It doesn't make any sense! Usually it burns sooo much! Anybody have any ideas? What could this be? Does anybody have horrible millage on a gen4?
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I think I may have figured out my problem! When I went to Toronto is was snowing and crappy out so I had my front defrost on the whole time. On the way back it was nice out so I did NOT have it on. I read in my manual that the a/c compressor comes on in every position but floor and vent. Which means when I am driving my car with the defrost on ALL THE TIME I am getting bad millage because of the a/c. Make sense???
In all new fords the compressor does engage even though it's blowing hot air. It engages in every position except for floor and vent. It says it right in the manual.
Originally posted by jason8225@Feb 26 2004, 10:32 AM
From what I've heard, the compressor comes on to remove the humidity from the air to keep the window from fogging when the heat blows on it. It would probably fog worse if the compressor didn't remove the humidity from the air.
Exactly what I was getting at! Thanks jason8225.
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