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Garbaje Or No Garbaje

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Hey guys,
I was looking on ebay for some stuff for my bull and stumbled upon this"mod".
I have fallen victim to one of the IAT sensor bs mods that are on ebay thinking that it would really help.All it did was cause my car to run rich and blow out smoke. Do you think that this is actually something that could work/help? or is it garbage?

thanks from NC,

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Be Wary.. If you buy it, and you believe in it, you will feel more power, but if you get it and dont expect anything, it wont do anything..

It is all a state of mind
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It's the same thing as the IAT resistor. It's just a variable resistor with a dial. The higher the resistance, the more advanced the timing. Don't buy it.
the only good thing about that product is they don't ship to canada.
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Did anyone who says it is not worth it buy it or try it? just wondering.
Originally posted by Scatman@Apr 4 2004, 03:40 PM
Did anyone who says it is not worth it buy it or try it? just wondering.
Run a search, do a little research. These things have been discussed throughly many times before. They are worthless, but even if they were any good, you could make your own for like $1.
Hey thanks guys,
I bought one of those intake mods and it sucked. Like $15 including shipping and handling. I just want to get a chip that will help with power, but not have to pay a whole lot. If there is anyone who might be selling a used chip or anything, or has any suggestions, I am all ears.......well eyes

thanks guys
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I have tried a 5.6KOhm resistor on my IAT before, and it didn't do a thing.

let me say this: the only chip worth getting is a custom chip. It may be $350 or so, but it will still be the best buy you will ever make for your car. I researched Superchips, Diablo, Hypertech, and everyone else I could find; and alberto at american motorsport has the best chip for the lowest price. I have been having some issues with my car not properly reading his chip, and he has been going out of his way to help me out. If you get a custom chip from him, he will reflash your chips as many times as necessary to get it right.

A good chip will do more than just advance timing. It will change shift points, remove/raise the rev limiter, remove the speed limiter, firm up the shifts, lower the temp. that the cooling fans kick on. The timing will be advance across the whole RPM range, not just at WOT. A good chip will change just about everything on your EEC.
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