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Fyi: Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms

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The last few weeks my '91 has been running, well, not like its usual self. Jumping on the gas would result in slow, hesitant shifts, s;uggish first gear acceleration, and sometimes it wouldn't downshift at all. No real slipping that I could notice, or unusual noise (had that once), but I knew something was amiss. Now, I know my tranny has a very slow, undetected leak - which is all good, as long as I remember to check it regularly, I always have fresh tranny fluid going in without a flush
- so I didn't get all paranoid right off the bat and think my tranny was dying.

I checked the fluid and it was almost down to the dreaded "do not drive" mark
. Topped things off and took it out for a spin - the car drove completely different. Flooring it at any speed now again results in IMMEDIATE downshifts (even a rare 3-1 dump
) and overall improved transmission response. That Diablo chip really does help, even on the older non-electronically-controlled transmissions.

In other words, if your tranny starts acting up, don't assume the worst right away - CHECK THE FLUID LEVEL. A properly filled transmission runs a lot better than one that isn't (obviously).
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Spragers, your transmission is electronically controlled, fyi.
Originally posted by spragers@Feb 11 2004, 12:19 AM
Spragers, your transmission is electronically controlled, fyi.
On a '91? I don't think so
. If it was, they would have programmed that into my Diablo Chip. [/b][/quote]
Oh, it is. That's what earned it the E designation. AXOD-E... Automatic Transaxle, OverDrive - Electronic
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