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Fyi: Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms

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The last few weeks my '91 has been running, well, not like its usual self. Jumping on the gas would result in slow, hesitant shifts, s;uggish first gear acceleration, and sometimes it wouldn't downshift at all. No real slipping that I could notice, or unusual noise (had that once), but I knew something was amiss. Now, I know my tranny has a very slow, undetected leak - which is all good, as long as I remember to check it regularly, I always have fresh tranny fluid going in without a flush
- so I didn't get all paranoid right off the bat and think my tranny was dying.

I checked the fluid and it was almost down to the dreaded "do not drive" mark
. Topped things off and took it out for a spin - the car drove completely different. Flooring it at any speed now again results in IMMEDIATE downshifts (even a rare 3-1 dump
) and overall improved transmission response. That Diablo chip really does help, even on the older non-electronically-controlled transmissions.

In other words, if your tranny starts acting up, don't assume the worst right away - CHECK THE FLUID LEVEL. A properly filled transmission runs a lot better than one that isn't (obviously).
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Originally posted by spragers@Feb 10 2004, 11:19 PM
Spragers, your transmission is electronically controlled, fyi.
On a '91? I don't think so
. If it was, they would have programmed that into my Diablo Chip.

You just don't want to overfill, because (at least on my tranny) the only way to remove fluid is to try to siphon it out, or drop the pan. [/b][/quote]
1991 was the year that Ford introduced the electronic automatic transaxle to the Taurus, Sable, and Continental cars.

It was also a rocky start for this model, as this year suffered the most transmission failures. - Reinhart
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