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Funny Oil Colors

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I recently changed my oil after a car accident and rebuilding the front end (new radiator, fan, hood, bumper, grille, lights...). Now I checked my oil and some steam came out of the dipstick hole and the dipstick had oil and some foamy looking white stuff...
Has the coolant breached into the oil passages in the block? Has anyone else had this problem? Is my engine toast? Im afraid to drive it now...please anyone who has information help me out...

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Originally posted by Lazarus@Jan 10 2004, 07:16 PM
I am not exactly in the position to do the compression check nor do i think i could afford it...seems like that sort of thing adds up real fast...and im not big on doing maintenance on the rest of the cooling system since i know im gonna replace the rad, and hoses in the relatively near future...can i buy something that would allow me to do my own cylinder pressure check? I have literature describing what the correct compression should be and i have a description of how to do the check, just not the tools...what would i ask for and what would it cost?

It is actually very simple to find out. Find a rad shop or any shop that doesn free quotes. They will take a sample of your coolant and check for hydrocarbons. If there are any in the coolant then it means you have a leak. Some places may even do a pressure test but I am not sure.
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