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Fuel Pump Runs Only 1 Sec. Then Quits !?!?

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Does anyone have a clue whats wrong with our Taurus ('88 3,0)?
It was running normally one day, then next morning when we tried to start it the battery was dead. I charged the battery and tried to start it. It cranked fast but refused to start - no way.
I pulled a spark plug and it was all dry.
Next I checked if there was fuel pressure in the fuel rail; I opened the schrader valve and nothing came out.
So I disconnected the fuel lines from the fuel rail and turned key to "RUN"-position: no fuel pressure.
Next I dropped the fuel tank and removed the fuel pump. I connected 12 volts directly to the pump connectors and it ran well...
So I connected again the fuel pump connector and turned key to "RUN":
The pump ran for about 1 sec and quit! I tried several times by turning the key to "OFF" and again to "RUN" and it was same thing every time. I'm confused about what next... What can be causing this? Could it be some pressure sensor? Where ?

I checked the trouble codes and got only these two:

21....Coolant Temperature sensor out of range
24....Air Charge Temperature sensor out of range

I wonder if these have anything to do with the fuel pump :eek:

I really appriciate if someone can give a hint...
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The fuel pump only runs until there's pressure built up in the fuel lines. It doesn't run continuously until the engine is running. Once it runs for about that second, it should start fine. Then it'll come on and run as necessary to maintain ~41# of pressure in the fuel lines.
did you hook up a fuel pressure tester to the fuel rail? you should get about 40 psi at the rail like sablewagon said. Also check the fuel filter, it's under the reaer passenger door.
The fuel pump is only supposed to run for 1-2 seconds until the PCM detects, via the crank sensor, that the engine has started. The PCM has no way of monitoring fuel pressure.

Do check the fuel pressure. Ground the FP pin of the VIP test connector to turn the FP on continuously.

Those codes are due to a cold engine / cold air. Ignore them at this time.

Thanks for Your comments. Now I understand why it won't run continuously.
I replaced the fuel filter and installed the pump yesterday and to my surprise it started running. So I thought it may have been the fuel filter which was clogged. But... this morning it wouldn't start anymore :(

So here we go again:

projectSHO89: Can You tell me what pin is for the fuel pump? I only have Haynes book and it doesn't give too much info about this (or electrical systems anyway).

Is there a pressure switch inside the fuel pump or somewhere else ?
Correct me if I'm wrong but I would have just figured the fuel pump went and installed a new one :)
High_Octane: Yes, it seems like the fuel pump is at the end of service life but I just would like to be sure it ain't some electrical problem. Fuel pump costs here 220$ so I'd like to be sure before I spend that much...
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