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I bought a new fuel filter for my 2005 Ford Taurus, which has 117K miles on it. I had not replaced the filter on it since I purchased the vehicle, which had 65K miles on it at the time, so I figured it was a little overdue for a filter. I even bought that stupid tool that you are supposed to use to remove the fittings.

Well, when I attempted to remove the connector on the fuel line that goes back toward the gas tank, the connector itself broke on the bottom where the clip ends would come out. I got the new filter in place, but when I attempted to replace the connector from the gas tank side, the clip will not fit all the way onto the connector. It is preventing the fuel line from blowing off the end of the filter, but I don't trust it to hold the line on there while driving.

I have looked up the part on several local part stores websites', and this is the closest thing that I can figure out to what I need:

AutoZone.com | Fuel Line Repair

I spoke with the Ford dealership where I purchased the car, and they told me that Ford will only ship the piece connected to the whole line, which is roughly $80.

Does anyone out there have an idea of what I'm looking for and what I can do to fix the problem without having to shell out more money and possibly do more damage to the car?
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