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Ok boys and girls here it goes. Time to sell the old bull. first off I just wanna say that if you are looking for a pristine gen 2 then get out now. The car is priced cheap for a reason, it doesn't look that good. and also it has some nagging problems. BUT if you need a car that runs for a fairly cheap price and can live with the little problem it gives you then this is the car for you.

1995 Ford Taurus GL. Green exterior, Green Interior. 186,xxx miles. Its got 4 good tires and runs.


Fairly new tires (less than a year old) on taurus hubcaps
BRAND NEW front brakes/rotors
New Distributor
New Spark plugs
New Wires
New Ignition Control Module
replaced some old brake lines
New OEM Radiator 1 year ago
New muffler 6 months ago
BRAND NEW "Discoball" SE/LX Headlights with HID's
clear corners
Fog Lamps
sable cluster swap w/ tach and backlit with blue LED's
Pioneer Head Unit
Sundown SAX 50.4 4channel amp
Planet Audio 6.5" Components up front
Alpine Type R 6x8"s in the back
LED 3rd brake light

to whoever buys it I will throw in 4 painted gunmetal Slicer rims and tires FOR FREE.

starts up everytime. :beat-chevy:


(Disclaimer: this was my first car when I was 17 so bear with me here)

Has an Oil leak. we think its the valve covers not too bad we put fluid in it about once a month and i check the level almost everyday.
Leaks a TINY bit of antifreeze not sure where. but definatly not from the radiator, mabye just be one of the coolant hoses
has a SLIGHT 1-2 hard shift that happens when everything starts to warm up. Auxillary Tranny Cooler should fix that
Cosmetically it is not the most appealing car. it has scratches all along the drivers side that are horribly filled in with touch up paint and some minor rear body damage from backing into my buddy's F-150

but please come out here, test drive it, make me an offer and we'll talk. Most of you that know me know that I am VERY easy to talk to and a genuine nice person.


if you have a car to trade don't be afraid to offer that as well. I'm down for just about anything. mostly looking for a 4 cylinder though. however if you have a car that is worth more value and want to trade down (for some strange reason) then I might be able to add some cash.

but thats it. there will definatly be more pictures I just have to upload them. Thanks for your time

This is how it looked with the slicers on it. (currently not on the car)

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