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Frustrated Beyond Belief

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Ok....here is what is happening......my 97 taurus LX wagon started misfiring every once-in-a-while.......had it checked out...no error codes showed put for about a month.
The miss firing continued to get worse....had it checked at the dealership....finallly got an error code on the 2nd cylinder.....checked plug...not problem....reseated the plug and wire.....the misfireing continued. The dealership mechanic checked the plug wires for burnt spots.....none found.
After that episode the car decided not to start....after driving it all day......I let the car sit for a day and the next morning it started right up.
Then this morning it wouldn't start again......didn't want to pay a tow charge to get it to the dealership so I pushed it the two blocks to the dealership (it was down hill all the way)
It rolled into the driveway in front of the service bays and got the mechanic to look at it....it wouldn't start for him either (see I am not crazy, I said)
He looked it over for 30 min......couldn't get it to start......had a few people help him push it into the service bay.....attached the computerr to it....and no fault code.
Tried to start it....and guess what....you got it, it started right up.

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How regularly is the car serviced, ie. oil changes and maufacturer recommended service intervals? When was the fuel filter changed? How many miles are on the car now?

My guess (that's all I can give you from here) is that your problem is fuel related. A clogged fuel filter can present the same symptoms. Fuel filter should be changed about once a year or 15k miles.

If it has not been done within the last 50k - 85k miles, you should also consider plugs and wires.

Ford's basic blanket service intervals are (for regular duty):

Change oil and filter every 5k
Air and fuel filters every 15k
Transmission filter ever 30k
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The car has 92K on it.......all oil changes have been at 3k.....I just changed the fuel filter because I thought about that being the problem.....still has the problem.
The car is sitting at the dealership (fortunately the dealer is a member of my church).....and yes I have tried to lay hands on the car to heal it.....but I still praying (not with my hands still on the car, of course
Any other ideas?
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Any compentent mechanic with the right tools should be able to diagnose your problem quickly.

Fuel, spark, and comptuer control are all that runs these cars. Either its not getting fuel, not getting spark, or the computer has an error.

It's hard to diagnose over the internet.
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