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Front Bumper

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I need my bumper painted, but i am not going to pay 250 just to have paint put on it. Anyone want to put the paint on for under 100 because all the prep work will be done.
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I would just pay the $250 and get it done nicely - I know a lot of people (mostly me) would just spraypaint your bumper and it would look like s***.

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My suggestion - not sure how realistic it is - but maybe you can find one in a junkyard already painted the color you need, they would probably let it go pretty cheap.
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cost you way too much to ship...would be cheaper to have painted

Well, I meant a local junkyard where you could just go pick it up.
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Well i would go to a junkyard and find one, but i was going to sand out the deep scratches and fill out the space where the license plate goes so everything is nice and smooth. But 250 is unreasonable when you are away for school and have no money left until summer.
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