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I'm just doing front Brake pads, is it required to bleed brakes?
and also would'nt i have to bleed the back also? I understand
the basics, but this is just 1 thing i'm still not sure about. don't
really want to take back wheels off, the back brakes are just fine.
thanks for your help, i would'nt have had the confidence to
go this far if not for this great web site.
thanks :unsure:

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Bleeding brakes should be done every 2 years to get the old fluid out. More than likely the fluid in there is not super stuff in the first place.

This should be a part of normal maintenance. If you have drum brakes in the back it is even more important as the rear wheel brake cylinders are much more susceptible to damage from corrosion due to water logged brake fluid.

Bleeding the brakes is easy if you have two people. All you need is a quart or two of good fluid such as Valvoline's synthetic. Cost is not that much more than the cheap stuff and it is easy to find.

Take one wheel off at a time if you cannot get all four off at once. Suck out as much old fluid from the master Cylinder as you can and refill with new clean fluid. Starting in the back and using a 1/4" ID clear plastic hose open the bleeder screw a 1/4 to 1/2 turn, put the hose in a container and have someone push the pedal down. Have then hold it down as you close the screw. Repeat this process 15 times or until you see clear fluid coming out with no bubbles.

Go to the opposite side front and repeat being sure to keep the Master Cylinder full. Then go to the other rear then the other front.
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