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From N To D?

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Ok, how bad is it to rev the engine in Neutral and then drop it into Drive?

I've heard it was pretty bad for the engine/tranny.

My friend and I have a bet going on here, he says it's no big deal but I refuse to do it in my bull.

So? Is it really all that bad for the tranny? Or am I paraniod?

BTW, it LOOKS cool when my friend does it in his Cavi...
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what do you think? since you already don't do it, it sounds like you've pretty much answered the question yourself.

yes, its bad. for the trans., the motor, the mounts...
Yeah, it's pretty rough on the transmission. I asked a tranny tech which is worse; torque braking or neutral bombs, and he said neither was good for the transmission, but the neutral bombs are harder on the trans. He said all torque braking does is heat up the fluid in the torque converter really quick, but neutral bombs slam everything.
I did it to a C4 tranny once. Shattered the front pump into a few pieces.
Imagine this. You're spinning a bike wheel on it's axis at a high speed. Then you shove a stick thru the spokes as the wheel is still turning at a high speed. You're still holding on to the stick as you shove it thru the spoke. Imagine what all that force is gonna do. It could break the stick, damage your arm, damage the spokes, force the wheel to spin out of control, do nothing, or cause some damage to nearby objects. That's exactly what a neutral bomb does. You're playing Russian Roulette. I would recommend the brake torque because you can cool tranny fluid easily with a cooler, but replacing the whole tranny is costly.
hehe, it looks like I was right. I think im gonna let my friend keep doin it, and wait till his tranny goes out..........
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Don't worry its a Chevy anyways
(goes to find the "beating chevy with bat" pic)
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The one way sprag clutches are not so friendly when slammed into gear like that.... They kinda like to explode.....
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Originally posted by 93taurusSX@Mar 31 2004, 01:12 AM
Don't worry its a Chevy anyways
(goes to find the "beating chevy with bat" pic)

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!

I love that pic.

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While it's never good for any drivetrain, some can be toughened up to take it *much* better than others.

Your Bull would not be happy and would probably protest *much* sooner than his Chevy. If he knows much about cars, he may actually know this and not be that much of a friend. What's he driving? That will make a difference too.

I don't know much about FWDs, and Fords in particularly, but the weakest link in a RWD car tends to be the rear axle. It's not that tough to blow a differential, and it's the last part a lot of people beef up.

The Taurus drivetrain doesn't inspire me to think "bullet proof" by any means.

And I agree NBs are worse than "power stalls".

I don't do either.
thats how i blew myne the 2nd time. reverse 40mph, drop to 1st. hit ebrake. cool burnout. but 4 times ina row for a car sho kills it. i found out the hard way. now i am doing a auto to manual conversion
I know of a kid that did this in his fathers GTP Grand Prix (supercharged). Kid called a tow truck and told his father is just quit working. The garage said it's toast. The father called up GM and cussed them out for making a junk tranny. Then he b****ed to the service guys about it and one of them said did you go out to where the car was towed from?

Father says no. They tell him to go look at the road where the car got towed from. Kid did like 5 or 6 reverse to drive drops and left a bunch of long black strips on the road.

I still laugh at that story.
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