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Its been a while since ive been active on here, life has been hitting me hard. Most recently, my car was rear ended while it was parked on the street and some major damage was done to the rear. My best guess is a drunk driver, but it was 11 at night so nobody saw anything and they ran. This car was a 2010. I immediately started looking for another car, and i almost immediately knew that i wanted another Taurus! These cars are highly underestimated, I am not sure i would be able to get the same amount of luxury even in a luxury car to be quite honest lol. I found a 2015 with 72k miles fairly inexpensive, for WHATEVER reason these do not hold their value very well. As soon as i test drove the car i knew i was making the right choice. There are a few things i like and few things i dont:

1. So one of the reasons i didn't like the Bluetooth on the 2010 was because the car did not automatically connect to my phone when i turned the car on. I didnt realize it was actually a thing, until i paired my phone to the new car and it actually automatically connects. DREAM COME TRUE haha
2. Touch screen/ backup camera/ navigation. I didnt have this in the 2010
3. The interior color scheme. My 2010 had black seats with a tan headliner, so i grew partial to black interior. This car has the tan leather with black accents and carpets. I didnt think i would like the tan, but it has grown on me and it looks amazing with the ambient lighting and "wood" trim panels.
4. Somehow it drives sooo much smoother. Steering is much more responsive

1. All of the settings being in the head unit is a little annoying. I should be able to change the bass level without having to go through 3 different screens first as an example.
2. Sound system is a little upsetting. I have the premium Sony package i think, i honestly havent looked into it yet. I do have the speaker thats in the middle of the dash, and im pretty sure this is only a Sony system option right? It sounded better in the 2010.

Thats all i can really think about right now. Ive only had the car 2 days now. anyone with a 2013+, what are some things you like or dont like?
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