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The only mod I've done to my Bull is the installation of some larger wheels and slightly fatter tires.

That left me with some stock 15 inch wheels in very good condition that have been sitting in boxes in my garage for the past year. They have the bright shiny chrome look. You can see a picture of them at www.aarims.com/specials/ford.shtml

My wheels are nine rows down on the page, the caption reads "Ford Taurus 1996 - 1999 15 inch" The index number under the picture is 317510. Click on the "image" button to get a better look at them. Mine are just like the shiny wheels on the right when you get the image picture up.

As I said, they're in very good condition, and they're available to the first Taurus club, Southern division member who can get them out of my garage.

If interested, call me at 214-562-9804 and we'll arrange a time for you to pick them up.
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