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Free Stuff!

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Alright ... let's try this again. Who wants some free Gen1 parts? I've got a hood(no rust), power steering pump, alternator, belt tensioner, water pump, mirrors, and a set of brand new brakepads(think they're front). I'm sure there's some more stuff out there, but it's late and I don't wanna go sifting through it. If you want it, take it. If you live near me(Quad Cities area Illinios/Iowa) you can pick it up, or I can ship it out ... but I won't pay shipping. C'mon ... someone take some of this stuff ... I need to clean out my garage so I can start working on the LSC!!!
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I'm in illinois and my dad goes to the quad cities on a weekly basis. What engine are the parts for?
They're off of a 3.0 .. I recently found the stock intake off of it too.

I've gotten a few questions about shipping ... it's actual shipping from zip code 61241
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