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fyi, this may be the wrong section to put this in, but oh well ;D

I pulled my old cd player from my '96 when i sent it to the scrap heap (unfortunately, i was in a rush, so i couldn't get my rear kenwood 6x9"'s :(

well, it's been sitting in my room for almost well...7 months. and well, now i'm here in these forums, and i was cleaning my room, and i just happened to have stumbled across it. and now it needs a good home :)

it's for a gen3 taurus (sable too? not sure). it's a scoche. it's not brand new, but it still looks good, imho. the wires were clipped in a hurry, so you get the pleasure of sorting them out yourself. for those of you that don't know, you still need to use your stock knobs and stuff and plug them in (i left one in cause i couldn't get it out...so you can use it! ;D)

i'm not charging anything for it other than shipping. i don't have any pics atm, but i assure you it's worth AT LEAST the shipping price (since it retails for like $60, right?)

if you'd like it, be the first one to pm me w/your shipping info (and paypal email addy). i should be able to ship it out on monday if i remember :) when i ship it, i'll send you a paypal request for the shipping. if you wouldn't like to use paypal, say so, and we'll work something out.
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