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Speaking at a conference in San Francisco yesterday Ford global sales boss Jim Farley made known the American automaker's intentions to not only make EcoBoost engines available in all Ford models, but to make them the dominant engine.

The move is part of a carefully crafted plan by Ford after internal studies showed that just last year 40 percent of buyers who left the Ford brand did so because they believed Ford vehicles had poor fuel economy.

While a premium engine offering, commanding a premium price in every vehicle its sold in, EcoBoost models will form a "substantial" portion of total vehicle sales says Farley, who believes consumers will pay for improved fuel economy with the looming threat that gas prices could spike. One such example is the new Ford Explorer, where the less powerful EcoBoost 4-cylinder model is priced above the V6.

In addition to Ford's EcoBoost strategy, the automaker will look to expand its products offering with more different types of models, which will include the Grand C-Max MPV. In addition, Ford will soon replace the Escape with the next-generation European Kuga crossover, while the next generation Fusion may also spawn new crossovers and even a minivan.

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