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Flip Over Center Console

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Hey all, i had an idea and was wondering what all of you thought about it... difficulty, coolness, etc.... I have a 99 bull and have the flip over center console, i am planning to put several mods *neons, strobe headlight, misc.* type stuff that require switches. i was thinking of modding that center console so that when i flip it over, that is where the switches will be. i was thinking of somehow modding that with fiberglass to make it exactly contoured to what i want. what would be even sweeter is if somehow i could put a dvd screen there *unrealistic for me right now* but hey it would be awesome i would think. anyways, your thoughts and expertise are exremely welcome...
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ahhh, good idea. might be a while since i don't have a scanner or anything, but i'll definitely post one up as soon as i can. u say that fiberglass shatters easily, what alternatives do i have besides fiberglass? i'm not too experienced in fabricating some of this stuff so it will be a learn as i go type of thing.
sweet, thanks for the great help trueblue.. i'm a first timer so i think i'm gonna experiment a little before i actually try the final console. might be a while before i get started *knee injury, hard to do stuff yet* but i'll let everyone know how i'm coming along. i'm at the stage where my injury has me so bored i'm planning out a bunch of stuff i'm gonna do to the bull when i'm injury free
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Originally posted by TrueBlue@Apr 22 2004, 08:48 PM
Clear fiberglass? Are you just using resin?

As for the Intrepid, that's just because it was Dodge fiberglass.
i'm not sure what u mean by clear fiberglass. bear with me, i've never done it before and i'm just kinda starting to figure out what to do. and besides that i'm not sure what everything is. so yah, explain?
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