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Flip Over Center Console

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Hey all, i had an idea and was wondering what all of you thought about it... difficulty, coolness, etc.... I have a 99 bull and have the flip over center console, i am planning to put several mods *neons, strobe headlight, misc.* type stuff that require switches. i was thinking of modding that center console so that when i flip it over, that is where the switches will be. i was thinking of somehow modding that with fiberglass to make it exactly contoured to what i want. what would be even sweeter is if somehow i could put a dvd screen there *unrealistic for me right now* but hey it would be awesome i would think. anyways, your thoughts and expertise are exremely welcome...
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Strobe headlights or random flashing headlights.. Well I had some headlight flashers, and from experience I wouldn't suggest them... BECAUSE you'll end up using them when you are not supposed to and that'll get you in serious s*** fast! I ended up taking mine out too avoid any further incidents.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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