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I've tried some tricks but to no avail, so I have to admit I need help from all of you, guys...

I have several problems in my 2000 Taurus SE FFV and I am sure that they're not interconnected, but I'll list them here in case THEY ARE connected to each other.

1. Flex Fuel Sensor Module - from the moment of purchase, my fuel level indicator was not showing. Well, actually it was showing over-the-cap level without any change. After some period of driving, especially during winter, the level gauge would change it's indications, even totally dry "run-on-fumes" status with the low fuel warning light on. I also noticed that situation change is always caused by the heat intensity from the cabin heater - hotter it got, lower the indication. It never showed real situation though.


1a. I studied the schematic, watched the videos and came to the conclusion that FFSM is the most probable cause for that indicator not working properly, so I ordered a new one, got it in the mail recently, replaced... and it didn't work... Checked the wires, and that's what I've got:

Pin1 - RD/YE wire, HOT in ACC or RUN.
Pin2 - BN wire - grounded.
Voltage between Pins 1 and 2 in ACC - 11.48 V, in RUN - 13.6 V. Got that OK.

Pin3 - BK/YE wire - goes to fuel sender unit
Pin4 - WH/YE wire - comes back from it
Resistance between Pins 3 and 4 at the moment was 130 Ohms. I am not sure if it should be like that, but resistance itself shows that the fuel sender is alive.

Pin5 - null
Pin6 - OG/LG wire goes to anti-slosh module in the instrument panel and PCM - I am not sure how to check this wire, since both of those units are electronic...


so the bottom line - Power supply OK, Fuel sender alive, NEW FFS Module, but NO INDICATIONS whatsoever. fuel indicator's changing needle position suggests that line on Pin6 at FFSM is also alive, but there is no correct indication...

2. OBD2 Connector - I got it near my left knee, but using at least three diagnostic modules have shown no effect. Diagnostics show power supply but indicate no connection to and Engine Control Module. AT ALL.

3. Door locks - While using door keys, open only corresponding door without opening all locks upon a second turn... might be a wire harness damage - never dug into that problem yet...

4. Brake pedal pressure switch - while pressing brake pedal, I hear a relay go hot, but then it switches off in about a half of a second. This is not an electrics problem, but physical one, and I will appreciate any advice...

Another bottom line:

Could those problems be interconnected to each other?
Maybe I overlooked something?




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