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Too much drama. Daughter called and said, flat tire on the Taurus, ’03 of mine which she drives. I asked about AAA, but she said friend at work (Kirk) would change it. But her trunk full of stuff. I had Kirk come by here and pick up a spare wheel, floor jack, and my lug wrench. Car in the parking garage where she works. Kirk changed the wheel and dropped off the flat here and the tools. Pic. I like to see the angle the puncture is for the rooter. Pic, I cut the handle off years ago and use a drill on low speed. Plugged and holding air good.
Today she called and said she locked the keys in the white car (’03 Sable I sold to Mark) I said, maybe AAA can break in. She got security at work to break in but the battery was dead and they could not open the hood. I went over, and used 8MM socket on long extension and un-bolted the hood latch. I could then have daughter hole the hood up enough that I could remove the bolts in the hood and remove the whole thing. Jumped the car, started and was charging as the HL were bright. Shut off and soon no power. I am cleaning the hood latch now, got it in a tub of hot water and washing soda trying to get the grit and rust loose so the latch can be lubed and work. I will take it back and put it back and she can figure how to get 2 cars home. New battery for Mark’s car. Nice it was Sable, like to know how to break in the hood of a Taurus.
Mark has had virus and is recovering. New battery is his thing.
Family had planned Thanksgiving lunch at Mark’s house Sunday, but that was out. Friends let us all have it at their house. Eight of us had lunch and all was very nice.


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