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crap... it displays my old sig... fixing... grr... shows my old on on the archives, too <_< will have to redo, oh well, the list is almost complete on this sig...

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Originally posted by Doc@Dec 6 2003, 12:26 AM
Fist Topic!
Fist typo too, lol
Uh, good...I thought things were about to get kinky around here


First lock!

I rule.[/b]

In all seriousness, this post was supposed to be about mods so lets post them or this post goes away as a space waster. (Yes, I am guilty of contributing to that too).

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I have the following mods:

Sony Xplod 5.25 speakers in front
Sony Xplod 6x9 speakers in rear
Scosche high performance super high output 16 awg speaker wire
the APC clear corner lamps with amber bulbs
Perfection Automotive "mufflers" aka pipes with holes
High Performance Anonda Motorsports pen for taking notes in car
Type R note pad to write on
Supercharged Fly Swatter
Secret Ninja Sauce
My Mad Install Skills!!!!

Next mod is going to be either a 4 channel amp for the speakers or a CD changer that works for more than 3 days.

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Clear corners w/chrome bulbs
Glow guages
SHO cluster
SHO anti-sway bars W/poly bushings
Green interior LED's
Blue dash LED's
Dome light/Map light added
White map-light LED's
Aftermarket audio system
Bumped timing
Intake silencer removed

*edit* Sylverstars too
215/65-15 HR Dunlops

Fist topic...


Front strut brace
Subframe connectors
SARC struts from a SHO (disabled)
Firmest SHO springs (code MAD and JAR)
97 SHO wheels with Goodyear Eagle GT +4 (they suck in the snow btw)
Ported and polished upper and lower intakes
Apten chip (3 position)
10 disc CD changer that's worked more than 3 days

SHO rocker panel moldings
Color matched side lenses (with the "Ford" showing light)
Painted radio/cluster trim bezels
White face gauges with 99 red needles, and 99 silver bezel
SHO aluminum decklid and sk8board spoiler
Box of High Output Anonda Motorports pens
Box of Ultra performance Anonda Motorsports day planners
Tube of Anonda Motorsports decals
Code scanner, for diagnosing problems at EVERY meet I've been to this year.

Soon to come:

SHO front fascia
Lowering in the front with custom springs
Poly bushings everywhere I can get them for
23mm rear sway bar
Supercharged engine (on the stand now, awaiting teardown)
Upgraded AX4S (not really sure what to do with this yet)
Dyno tuning for maximum Doc whooping powah
RI Vanity plate "DOC KLR"

35% tint all around
Bank account for paying Anonda's speeding tickets. <_<

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WTF He has a whole box of the pens that's not fair yo. Imagine the note taking capabilities while changing lanes or cornering!

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Originally posted by Twilight@Dec 6 2003, 10:09 AM
WTF He has a whole box of the pens that's not fair yo. Imagine the note taking capabilities while changing lanes or cornering!
This is why I don't go to Canada.

That and they won't let me in on account of my super spectacular car..

I've got Neons (that are for sale!!!) 5 brake lights, seat cover(for sale!) red dome light (for ... sale?) ... and some other junk.

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Removed EGR

Torque Strap



Shift kit

Transmission fluid cooler

Relocated battery

H rated tires

Silvania Silverstars

2 1/2" mandrel bent single outlet catback exhaust with flowmaster 40 deltaflow

I don't know if you'd call this one a mod, but I removed the the rubber weather stripping/noise control thing under the hood right by the cowl. Just trying to get some heat out of the engine bay.

Does synthetic fluid count? I run Mobil 1 with a k&n oil filter.

And I have a "custom shift light" See, I put my thumb over the SES light when I'm racing and then let go right before the car shifts. And everybody sees this bright yellow light in my face for a second and they think I have a shift light.

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Let's see here...


Apten Chip
SARC switch
25mm RSB, TPR Bar Bushings, Poly End Link Bushings
VAK (Vacuum Accesory Killer)
Real CAI w/ K&N cone
Trunk-mount battery
Shorter tires (more low-end torque)
Weight Reduction (vacuumed carpet, emptied CD changer, got a haircut)

Non-performance mods:

Silverstar Headlights and turn signals
Colgan Bra
SuperCooler on ATX
Magnefine on PS line
Synthetic fluids everywhere

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Pioneer DEH-P3500 CD Deck

Pioneer TS-A6870R front and rear 6X8's

Blue Gel-coated map lights (looked good at first...now look kinda green)

*just added!* Blue LED lights for front floorboard illumination (these are really cool, just picked them up at Target for $10. They look like little LED tracklights)

***Coming After Christmas***
SilverStar headlights
JamStraight Amber LED turn signals
Dark Tint

***Coming in Spring (or if it warms up on a weekend)***
Intake Silencer Delete
Blue LED instrument conversion, or Reverse Glow Gauges

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Mods: Rainbow blue HID headlights, got new headlights and clear turn signals off a 99, Autoventshades headlight blackouts, blue driving/fog lights, clear front sidemarkers, blacked out back sidemarkers, LED lights for every light on outside of car, reverse lights are twinkle lights (they light up a bunch of different colors), APC stealth windshield wipers, APC clear LED windshield wiper nozzles, 15in purple neon in front grill, mesh grill inserts, aqua neon license plate frame, Limo tint windows 5% all around, Autoventshades ventvisors around all windows, short black sporty antenna, blue neon tire valve lights, black TCCA car club decals on front fendors, silver TCCA decal on front bumper, carbon fiber ford emblems (in place of old blue ones), blue/black XR Racing floor mats, blue APC seatbelt pads, blue/carbon fiber leather racing steering wheel cover, whiteface gauges (neon at night), aluminum gauge face bezel, blue 3A Racing foot pedals, blue/black 3A racing seat covers for front and back seat, four 10in blue neons that pulse to musiz, blue neon dome light, 10in green neon in back window, Front strut tower brace, custom cold air intake with K&N cone air filter, removed intake resonator, apten custom performance chip, Bosch Plantinum +4 spark plugs/wires, new 16in rims off a 2002 Sable, Michelins Energy MXV4 tires, aftermarket spoiler w/led brake lights, custom painted the back brown light strip white to match my car, blacked out the back taillights, changed the Taurus GL to SPORT, painted windshield wiper arms black and white. i did have a awesome system, but my hubbie made me take it out. (because of my son)

future mods: tranny cooler!! white sunstrip across windshield with 2 black stripes down the side (or black with small single white strip across entire bottom) first gotta get my windshield replaced, KYB struts & Eibach prokit, exhaust, port and polish intake, roller rockers, and whatever else i can think of doing!!
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