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Long story short, showed up with a new setup on my alignment and fresh tires. This was also the first time running the car in about a year since rebuilding the front coilovers. I was lucky enough to be in the 1st run group and beat the rain. My first run I immediately spun (As I didn't scrub the new tires, d'oh!) but just killed it after that. Car felt damned good and there was more left on the table. Layed down FTD in the 1st run group then the rain came. The track started drying by the end of run group 3 but it wasn't enough for them to catch me (tho a few guys finally got me in PAX, but I wasn't expecting FTP to hold anyways).

I estimate had it been dry, the car would have been in the top 10 of RAW times regardless. Anyways, On to the good stuff.


Video: (Watch in HD!)

SHO Auto-X - Points Event # 1 @ Dixie Classic (2014) - YouTube


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