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1. Ford recall on brake light switch

2. Moonroof switch inoperable. (ask about “manual” close ability) was told at purchase that there was a “manual crank” located in roof panel.

3. Brake shutter under hard braking. (possible warped rotor) Shutter occurs when hard braking from freeway speeds. I.E. exiting from freeway coming to stop light at end of exit ramp.

4. Steering wheel covering “cracking”. Leather covering around steering wheel appears to be cracking.

5. Passenger seat loose. Passenger seat “feels” loose when seated in it. Heard squeaking when seated.

6. CD player – player always starts at #1 cd. CD player starts at #1 CD when car is turned on, instead of starting where it was when car was turned off.

Anyone had similar problems. Car only has 11.5K on it bought it new in Nov. 2002
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