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I went drifting with a few friends when I was back from my ship out, and one night we went in search of some drifting. We had a 4th Gen Sable and a 4th Gen Camaro. We went to the fun roads in NoVA, and did a few runs. I really need to plunk down some money on bigger brakes, and maybe a fstb. So with that out of the way, TCCA needs to compile a list of good drifting spots.

Also, a rating system would be nice. I suggest Smilies as a rating level for several categories.
Yee Haw! -

Good. -

So-So. - <_<
Bad. -

My two entries so far are:

Lorton, VA - Furnace Road
Turns- <_<
Hills-- <_<

Other Traffic- <_<
Cops- <_<

Lorton, VA - Old Colchester Road


Speed- <_<
Other Traffic-


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I think you will be hard pressed to see the TCCA endorse spots to have that kind of fun.. When youthink about it all makes sense it terms of liability. But yes it is fun to do these things.

I'm sorry, but we cannot endorse such things or allow organization of street racing - hence the reason the racing thread was removed. Somebody could get hurt or in trouble, and we definitely do not want such things coming back to the TCCA.

Sorry guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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