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I'm having trouble keeping my front door covers attached. Those little plastic fasteners that are spaced around the rim of the cover, are worn out. Does anyone know where I could get some new replacements. thanks Joe
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Ford dealer. Get about 10 per door. They often get bent when putting them on at the factory so when you take the door panel off replace them all. Oh, also get an upholstery removal tool for it if you don't have it yet. Once you get all the screws taken off and all the plastic fasteners loosened you will have to use some force to pull the panel off.
Just bought a bag this weekend...12 in a bag @ 65 cents a piece from the dealer. Came out to about $8.

Oh yeah, get the black ones - they also have blue ones which are slightly shorter IMO. The blue ones might have a little bit of trouble catching onto the hole if you put extra sound insulation in between the doors (like I did).
Originally posted by 93taurusSX@Mar 23 2004, 08:33 PM
Just bought a bag this weekend...12 in a bag @ 65 cents a piece from the dealer. Came out to about $8.
How many fasteners are needed per door?
About 12 for the whole door. Probably want to get a few extra ones just in case they break while you slide them into the panel.
U pull it places. Sometimes you can find a bunch of them that look decent and you can just slip them in your pocket.
Yeah, but you will most likely strip the tabs on them when you pull the panel off the door.
IIRC, it was about 12 clips for the front doors, definitely less for the rear doors (9-10 maybe). I only bought 12 because you can reuse a majority of the clips, and I only replaced the ones that were definitely stripped and held the doors are key points (like in the middle, were the panel has a tendency to bulge out without a clip).
Hey guys,
I bought 2 sets from the JC Whitney catalog. It comes with different sizes for Fords and other brands.

Thanks Joe
I get mine from AutoZone, I can find them in fastner section.

They fit both my Gen II SHO and Gen III GL.
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