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Factory Cd Changer Location

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I have a an aftermarket changer on order that will plug into the existing stock stereo on my Gen3. I was wondering where the factory changers are mounted? If someone has a pic, that would be really cool. Are there mounts already there?

Twilight started to talk about it on my for sale thread about CD changer locations but I hope he or someone else can point me in the right direction.

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Mine was mounted on the top of the trunk, just past the decklid. Does the aftermarket cd changer come with the mounting brackets?
Yeah.. The one I am getting does come with the brackets.
The factory location for the CD changer is at the very back of your trunk on the drivers' side right behind the RCU. This is where it will plug in. It is normally mounted vertically with the door for the magazine pointing up. The factory mount has a tiny little slot for storing CDs as well, but it's a pretty small changer.

The aftermarket changer will likely be a different size than factory but will most likely mount the same with the brackets. I would recommend against suspending it from the rear deck, that will shake it up quite a bit from taking the vibrations of the strut towers.
So is there a mounting system already in place for the factory 6 disc changer? What kind of connector do they use? Is it a square one with about 12 pins? I am scouring ebay for one, since the one I ordered was damaged.

I wish I had an EVAC book.
You are correct. The wiring harness looks like a T-connector. It has one connection down to the incoming speaker wires and one down to the changer.
This is just like the one I bought for my 98 Sable.

Mine is built into the side of the trunk on the driver's side. Its got a little flap and a storage compartment for CDs.

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I actually just remembered that my owner's manual said it could be mounted in the center console compartment if you've got one. I hate changing CDs in the rain. Its a pain. Id almost be happier with a normal cd player in the dash. If you're looking to save some money if you get it professionally installed, have them put it where mine is. It's right next to the tuner which (oddly enough) is in the back and is not part of the actual stereo. It should save you money you'd be spending on wire and connectors and such.
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