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Last night, my in-trunk 6-disc factory CD player/changer worked in my 1997 Taurus GL sedan. This morning, the dash radio console says "NO CD" or "CDE1" and won't play CDs. CD cartridge eject feature is unresponsive and it appears in the cartridge window that CD #6 is not in the cartridge but inside the spinning part of player with the laser, but I'm not sure.

I took out the interior mounting screws to try to remove the 6 disc player/changer and inspect closer, but the mounting bracket has special screws to remove the changer. It doesn't appear to be a phillips or flat-head screw.

Can I buy a screwdriver for these screws?

Should I check fuses? I did not see a fuse label for the CD changer circuit on the fuse block grid.

Once I get the player/changer out with the right tool, I don't really know what to do with it besides take it apart carefully, if possible, to see if a CD is just stuck in mechanism somewhere.

PS, I've been laid-off from my job for 9 months, so money is tight, and want to avoid the dealer or car stereo store if possible.

dude, you have the same problem that i do. My Compact Disc player has been jammed since the first day i got it. It puts two CDs into one slot (number 3) and it's been giving me that NO CD, CDE 1 for the past year and 5 months...but what i've been told is to get a new maganize...cause the orginal owner of my car got the whole thing replaced (cause it did this before) and it still does it now with a new one...but everyone has told me it's the magazine. So best of luck to ya!! if you fix it, let me know what you did so i can do it to mine!!
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