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This is a list of links to various sections of the website as well as outside pages. It has been consolidated for easier searching. These are some of the more frequently asked about topics. If you have good suggestions for topics or links that should be in this list, then PM a mod about it. Not all links will be accepted and it is up to the mod's discretion on which links to add.

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  • When you post a topic in the forum, you are not asking a computer. You're asking a bunch of humans that can think and have emotions and feelings. Don't expect an instant answer and don't expect them to mind read. Be as descriptive as possible. Pictures are a plus. So don't get mad if someone doesn't help because your post lacks details or it's not an instant reply. Operators are not standing by. We are not getting paid to wait here 24/7 to respond.

    Please read this topic on the "art of asking" if you have to make a post about a problem you are having:
    How To Ask For Help - Ford Taurus Forum : Ford Taurus Owners Car Club Forums
  • Use simple keywords instead of phrases and filler words. For example if your brake light is on, use the words "brake", "light", and "on" for your search. Eliminate the useless words such as "is" because it is not necessary. Very rarely that full phrases will work.
  • Try setting the filters to specific forums (for example, the Maintenance/Repair forum) for a certain topic.
  • If one search yields results that don't work for you, try different words. For example: If a search for "IAC valve" doesn't work, try "idle air control valve". Or if "trans problems" doesn't work, try "transmission" or "transaxle".
  • Years are usually listed by ranges. Try searching by using the first or last year of a generation if it is a general question. Or just search by generation. Some keywords to try are: (replace # with 1,2,3,4,5, etc.) "generation #", "g#", or "gen #".
  • You have to be patient with the search results. There are multiple pages and chances are the answer is on a page other than the first page. Remember, the search results list the pages by date, not relevance.
  • Should some members get irritable when you ask about something that could be found using search please keep in mind they may just be fed up with people asking the same question over an over again. Remember, we're not trying to be mean. It's out there somewhere. Do some research before asking.It's OK to bump an old topic but use some common sense. IF you have a new question or need something cleared up in the thread, AND your problem pertains to that thread. However, if they never posted a resolution, it would not be helpful to bump the thread. Start a new one. If you researched it and didn't find anything, then tell us that. No need to be extra apologetic and say "oh golly, mister, I really looked, I did!". Just let us know you've looked.
  • Also by asking a question that's been asked before, your topic will clog the search results with posts telling people to search!
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General Info/Orientation Threads
How To Ask A Question on the Forum
1996-2008 Owners Manuals/reading VIN Numbers
What Generation/Engine/Transmission Do I Have?
Trim Level Description
Worthless Mods
Glossary of Acronyms
Fuse Panel Diagrams

Airbag Shelf Life
Buying an Older Car (ie- SHO)
Car Takes Long Time to Slow Down
Colors (1986-1999)
Difference between FWD and RWD
Decoding Ford Part Numbers
Frozen Door Latch Solution
Fuel Injector Cleaner Information
Gas Pedal Broke (Went to Floor)
Key Programming
Letting Car Sit For Long Time
Locked keys in car?
MPG Readout Freezing? (2004-2007)
Oil Drain Valve
Overdrive vs. Drive
Plural of "Taurus"
Rear Windows Only Go Down Half Way
Removing Dealer Emblems
Rotating Tires
SHO Production Numbers
States that use road salt
Stopping Trunk Slippage
Tips On Buying A Used Car
Tire Pressure Sticker Location (2000-2007)
Trailer Hitch Installation
Wiper Removal
Wipers Move Independently Of Each Other
Wipers Stall Mid Sweep
Why turning off engine or shifting to neutral while coasting is bad and will not save gas

Belt Routing
2004-2007 Engineering Test Mode
Motorcraft Part Look-Up
Fluid Specs
Front Jacking Locations
Rear Jacking Point
Using Ramps
1986-2007 Motorcraft Part Numbers
SHO Preferred Brand Parts List
AutoZone Online Repair Guides (Registration Required)

Battery Light Flickering
Cyclical Whirling Front End Noise
Dash Lights Won't Illuminate, but Turn Signal Always On?
Engine Overheating
Erratic Stalling w/ Blinking Theft Light
Fixing Frozen Trunk Lock
Half-Shaft/CV Removal and Replacement
Half-shaft/CV Joint Symptoms
Half-shaft/CV Joint Brand Selection
Horn Location and Repair
Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) Information
Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) Troubleshooting and Diagnostic
Idle Control Valve Gasket
Oxygen Sensor Part Numbers
Power Steering Filter
Power Steering Filter Location
Power Steering Fluid Replacement (Easy Way)
Power Steering Fluid Replacement (Dealership Way)
Power Steering Fluid Replacement (Dealership Way + Pictures)
Power Steering Frothy and Whining
Power Steering Line Removal & Installation, 96-99/OHV
Power Steering Line Removal & Installation, 96-99/DOHC
Radiator Replacement (1992-1995)
Rattle in Wagon Tailgate
Rattle and top speed of 45 MPH?
Starter Remains On
Subframe Mounts
Throttle Plate Adjustment
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Testing
Water Leakage in Trunk
Water Leakage in Trunk Fix
Windsheild Washer Hose Repair
Windsheild Washer Hose Replacement Info
Wheel Bearing Replacement (1996-1999)
V8 SHO Alternator Replacement
Vibrating Gas Pedal

A/C, Cooling, and Heater

Climate Control Diagnostic and Testing Manual
Convert Manual to Electronic Climate Controls (2000-2007)

A/C Systems Testing
A/C Clutch Removal
A/C Compressor Clicking
A/C Compressor Dissection
A/C Compressor Removal
A/C Compressor and Accumulator Removal (1996-2001 Duratec)
Automatic and Manual Climate Control Description (2003)
A/C Smells Musty
A/C Makes Grinding Noise
A/C Override Switch Install (Manual Controls Only)
Blend Door Actuator Replacement (Clicking in dash)
Blower stuck on high?
Blower Motor Replacement (2000-2007)
Coolant Bottle Cracking
Coolant Bottle Failure
Ford Coolant Color Chart: https://www.fcsdchemicalsandlubricants.com/Main/quickref/scucEN.pdf
Coolant Drain and Fill
Coolant Flow Direction
Cooling Fan Questions
Coolant Temperature Sending Unit Replacement
Defrost Button Replacement
Draining Coolant
Fan Wiring
Heater Core Flush
1986-1995 Heater Core Removal
1986-1995 Heater Core Replacement
1996-2007 Heater Core Replacement
Heater Core Removal (2000-2007)
Low Coolant Light On (Replace Coolant Bottle)
Low Coolant Light On (Already Replaced Coolant Bottle)
No heat? Check Heater Core.
No heat? Check Thermostat.
Intermittent heat? Check Water Pump.
Heat only when engine is revved? Check water pump.
Radiator Drain Plug Location

Electronic Air Temperature Control (EATC)

*** No, you cannot swap it to manual controls. ***

Climate Control Diagnostic and Testing Manual
Converting Manual A/C to EATC (2000-2007)

Air Won't Blow Out Panel, but Blows Out Floor?
Change EATC Temp Fahrenheit to Celsius (1995 and earlier)
Change EATC Temp Fahrenheit to Celsius (1996 and later)
Hot Air Only? (Electronic Climate Controls)
Hot Air Only? Check blend door.
EATC DTC 051 (A/C Not Cold and AutoLamp not working)
EATC Self Test
EATC Quick Description Chart (2003)

Fluid Leakage Identification

Here is a quick guide for identifying some of the drips under your car:

  • Yellow, Green, Blue, or Orange slimy-feeling water is probably engine coolant (also found inside the car under the dash if the heater core is leaking).
  • Reddish, lightweight hydraulic oil could either be transmission or power steering fluid.
  • Clear, lightweight hydraulic oil could be brake fluid or power steering fluid.
  • Engine oil may be black or look like it does right out of the bottle.
  • Heavy, syrupy oil could be manual transmission or axle differential oil.
  • Blue, soapy water could be windshield washer fluid (cracked reservoir, leaky pump...)
  • Clear water is likely normal condensation draining out of the car's air conditioner system or rainwater draining from the windshield cowl.

Acetone in gas
1996-1999 Fuel Tank Replacement
Accessing Fuel Pump
Erratic Flex Fuel Fuel Guage Fix (1996 and newer)
Fuel Filter Replacement (1996-2002)
Fuel Filter Replacement (2002-2007)
Fuel Filter Clip Information (2002-2007)
Fuel Pump/Injector Testing
Filling gas shuts off pump early (Takes forever to fill up)
Gas Cap Scratches Quarter Panel?
Gas Tank Door Fix
Hotwiring Fuel Pump
Inaccurate Fuel Gauge Fluctuates
Replacing the Gas Gauge Sending Unit
Winter Gas

Ignition/Starting System
Battery Corrosion?
Battery Tutorial
Note: Batteries these days (2011+) tend to be of increasingly poor quality. Just because it's a year or two old (or a month) doesn't mean it's still good.
Ignition Cylinder Removal
Ignition Module and Actuating Rod Info
Ignition Turns With No Resistance (Spins Freely) and Car Won't Start
Key Turns On Engine, But Won't Turn Off
Key Won't Turn in Ignition
Replacing Ignition Switch
Random No-Start
SHO Maintenance
Starter Dissection
Starter Testing
No-Start with rapid clicking?

Spark Plugs
See individual engine sections below for removal topics
Bosch Spark Plug Info
e3 Spark Plug Info
Side Gapping Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Differences
Spark Plug Discussion
Spark Plug Info
Spark Plug Info (e3 and multi-tipped spark plugs)
Spark Plug Testing
Spark Plug Wire Holder Removal
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Note: Problem with the Topic Finder? Direct ALL inquires to a moderator. Please ONLY message with questions about Topic Finder technical support such as non-functioning links, or articles that need to be added, changed, or removed. Please don't send private questions, all questions should be posted on public forums, where others can see and answer them.

General Info
Engine Swap
Performance Mods List
STS Turbo Installation
Turbo/Supercharge Info

1996-2007 Exhaust Size
A/C Evac and Refrigerant Refill Procedure
Accel Coil Packs
Battery Light Flickers at High RPMs
Belt Routing
Bosch Spark Plug Info
Cooling Fan Info
DFPE Replacement
EGR Sensor Melting?
Exhaust Size
Fuel Filter Replacement
Intermittant No-Crank, No-Start
Idle goes up and down, almost stalling?
MAF/TB Cleaning
Motor Mounts Location
Oxygen Sensor Replacement
Painting Engine Parts
Loosen Tensioner (Belt Removal)
Revs Slow To Fall To Idle
Subframe Bushings and Motor Mounts
TCCA Hood Blanket Mod
Timing Marks (2.5L HSC 4-cyl)
Urethane-Filled Engine Mounts
Warm-Up Time
Y-Pipe Removal

Vulcan Camshaft Position Sensor and Synchronizer Topics
Topic with Sound Clip
Accessing CPS
CPS w/ vs w/o Step on Plug
Cam Synchronizer/Sensor Location
Cam Synchronizer/Sensor Replacement (1)
Cam Synchronizer/Sensor Replacement (2)
Dorman Cam Synchronizer Warning
Why it fails

5w-20 vs Thicker Oil
Checking Engine Oil Level
Flickering Oil Light
Oil Filter Recommendations
Synthetic Oil

Cold Air Intake Information
Homemade Intakes
Homemade Cold Air Intake ('91-'95) (1)
Homemade Cold Air Intake ('91-'95) (2)
Intake Silencer Picture (1996-2004)
Intake Silencer Removal (1996-1999)
Intake Silencer Removal (2000-2007)
Intake Silencer Removal (2000-2003)
Intake Silencer Removal Video Topic
Spun Rod Bearings (Video and Symptoms)
Underhood Temperatures

More Info

Oxygen Sensor Terminology
Sensor 1 = Upstream = Before Catalytic Converter
Sensor 2 = Downstream = After Catalytic Converter

Bank and Cylinder Numbering
Firewall - Bank 1
1 - 2 - 3
4 - 5 - 6
Radiator - Bank 2

Coil Pack Numbering (Duratec)
4 - 6 - 5
3 - 2 - 1

Coil Pack Numbering (Vulcan)
1 - 2 - 3
5 - 6 - 4

Coil Pack Numbering (Vulcan Alternative)
5 - 1
6 - 2
4 - 3

Firing Order
2.5L HSC L4: 1 3 4 2
3.4L SHO V8: 1 5 4 2 6 3 7 8
All V6s: 1 4 2 5 3 6

Idle Speed
Cold start-up: ~1250 RPMs
Cold in-gear: ~900 RPMs
Warm start-up: ~900 RPMs
Warm in-gear: ~650 RPMs
Normal within +/- 150 RPMs

Duratec (3.0L DOHC V6)
Alternator Removal
Blue Smoke
Coil Pack Numbering (2001)
Crankshaft Removal
Cylinder Misfire (2001-2003)
Exploding Intake
Heated Oxygen Sensor Removal and Installation (2001-2003)
Intake Manifold Removal (1996-1999)
Intake Manifold Removal (1996-1999) (Additional Information)
Intake Manifold Removal (2001-2003)
Oil Pan Gasket (2000-2005)
Oil Pan Gasket Supplemental Information
P0171 and P0174 Solution
PCV Position and Removal (2003)
PCV Location
PCV Removal
Valve Cover Vent Elbow
Port and Polish
Removing Rear 02 Sensor
Serpentine Belt Removal (1)
Serpentine Belt Removal (2)
Spark Plug Change
Thermostat Location and Coolant Draining (1997)
Thermostat Location (2000)
Water Pump Rebuild (1996-2000)
Water Pump Removal (1996-1999)
Water Pump Removal (1996-2000)
Water Pump Removal (2000)

Essex (3.8L OHV V6)
Check Timing
Erratic Idle and Stalling
Fuel Mileage
CCRM Test Procedures
IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve Location
Intake Silencer Removal (1992-1995)
Oil Pump Removal
Replacing Spark Plugs
Supercoupe Belt System + 4.2L Stroker (Supercharged 3.8L)

Vulcan (3.0L OHV V6)
Performance Mods
60mm Throttle Body Upgrade
2001-2003 Composite Intake Swap
1.7:1 Rocker Arms
A/C Belt Bypass
Alternator Removal
Belt and Pulley Check/Replacement
Big Three Upgrade (Electrical Grounds)
Changing Thermostat
Composite Intake Manifold Swap
Engine Swap (Compatibility between years)
Engine Swap (Same Years)
Erratic Stalling and Blinking Theft Light
Hard Start, Bad Idle, and Poor Acceleration? (2004+)
IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve Location
Intake Silencer Removal (1992-1995)
Oil Pan Gasket Technical Service Bulletin
Oil Change Procedures
Oil Pan Gasket Replacement
http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/82-maintenance-repair/205738-help-updating-wiki.html Oil Pan Gasket for 2007 models.
PCV Location

PCV Removal
STS Turbo Install
Spark Plug Replacement
Spark Plug Wire Clip Removal
Timing Cover Replacement
Tune-Up Information
Tune-Up (Abridged)
Upper Intake Manifold Removal
UDP Install (1)
UDP Install (2)
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How an Automatic Transmission Works

*** Trans Filter Change ***
*** http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/87-...ow-flush-your-tranny-home-30.html#post2374602 ***
*** Flushing Topic ***
*** Printable Service Procedures ***
*** When (or Even If) To Replace Transmission Fluid & Filter ***
*** AXOD-E to AX4S Filter Upgrade (1993) ***
*** Pan Removal and AXOD-E to AX4S Filter Upgrade (1992) ***
*** Filter Ring Gasket ***
Additional filter change thread: How To Change The Transmission Filter On Your Gen 3 Taurus - Taurus Car Club of America : Ford Taurus Forum


Checking Fluid:
You can also do a "blotter test" to check for worn-out fluid. Place a few drops of ATF on a paper towel and wait 30 seconds. If the spot is widely dispersed and red or light brown in color, the fluid is in satisfactory condition. But if the spot does not spread out and is dark in color, the ATF is oxidized and should be changed.

Do not overfill because doing so can cause the fluid to become aerated, which may affect transmission operation. You should also check the condition of the fluid. Some discoloration and darkening is normal as the fluid ages, but if the ATF is brown or has a burnt smell, it is badly oxidized and needs to be changed. Varnish on the dipstick is another indication of worn-out fluid.

General Info
General Info
Additional Info
Bubbles in fluid
Ford Transmission Info
Trans Temp vs. Life Expectancy
AX4N Temperature Gauge Install
AX4N Temp Gauge Install (2004)
Top speed of 25 MPH?
Instant limp-home mode?
Difference between 96/97 and 98/99 AX4N Trans
Difference between AX4S and AX4N (1)
Difference between AX4S and AX4N (2)
No Movement in R, OD, D, or 1
Orange vs. Green Gasket
Overdrive vs. Drive (1986-2007)
Overdrive Usage and Grade Assist (2008-2010)
Transmission Wiring Harness Diagram
P0760 with Check Transaxle Light
Torque Converter Fails To Lock When Cold
Torque Converter Stall Speed
What is Transmission Slip?

Automatic to Manual Conversion
1986-1995 3.0L Vulcan
3.8L Essex

Cooler Install
Routing Diagrams
Transmission Cooler - Taurus Car Club Maintenance and Modification Wiki
1995 Stock Cooler Diagram (1)
1995 Stock Cooler Diagram (2)
Simplified Trans Cooler Line Diagram

Removal and Repair
Transaxle Removal Guides
1994/1995 AX4N Removal
1995 AX4N Removal
1996+ AX4N Rebuild/Repair (1)
1996+ AX4N Rebuild/Repair (2)
AXOD-E/AX4S Diagnostic Info
AXOD-E/AX4S Technical Manual
In Car Valve Body Removal
Trans fluid leaking at cooler line
Trans. fluid leak around filler neck TSB (Part 1)
Replacing trans. fluid leak, with pictures (Part 2)
Four Cylinder Transaxle Removal
Removing ATX Vent
AX4N Check Ball Location
Side Panel Diagram

Shifter Problems
(also see Interior section for more topics)
1-D-1 Manual 2nd Gear Selection Topic
Can't shift out of park? Try this.
Shifter sticks going out of park?
Loose column or console shifter?
Loose Column Shifter
Loose Column Shifter (Play in vertical Movement)
Shifter Cable Replacement (Column Shift)
Shifter Cable Replacement (Floor Shift)
Vague Gear Selection

TRS (Transmission Range Sensor)
Symptoms (Each bullet point is a symptom that doesn't necessarily happen at the same time):

  • Loss of power steering assist, all window controls (none are lit up), rear window defrost controls, half of the MFS controls (only Hi, Lo, and turn signals work), and radio only when car is in R, (D), D, and 1. Everything functions fine when put into P or N.
  • Transmission randomly downshifts/upshifts suddenly while driving.

Symptoms, TSB, and Repair
Additional Info
TRS Alignment Procedure
TRS Wiring Harness Pin-Out
TRS Wiring Pin-Out (AX4N)
Transmission Range Sensor TSB 6F50/6F55 09-11

VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor)
Symptoms (Each bullet point is a symptom that doesn't necessarily happen at the same time):

  • Speedometer inaccurate
  • Speedometer needle not working
  • Speedometer needle jumping around
  • Bad/harsh/no shifting
  • Cruise control not working correctly (speed jumps up and down)
  • Cruise control not working at all
  • No Overdrive
  • Won't shift out of 1st gear
  • Clunky Downshifting

AX4S/AX4N VSS Location
Codes P0500 and P1502
Slipping on 1-2 Shift and Wacky Speedometer?
Removal Tips
How it can break from sitting too long
Speedometer Drive Gear
Sudden downshift?
Clunky/Erratic Downshift? Won't shift out of 1st gear?
VSS Wires
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1996-1999 Spring Rate Codes
2000-2007 Lowered Pictures
Alignment Specs (2000-2007)
Aluminum Subframe Bushing Installation
KYB Struts (G3 to G4)
KYB GR2 (G3 and G4 comparison)
Measuring Sway Bar Size
Moog Parts Look-up
Strut Tab Mod
Wheel Wobble Diagnostics
Variable Assist Power Steering Information
Vibration Advice

Ball Joints
Ball Joint Adapter
Ball Joint and Tie-Rod Separation
Ball Joint and Lower Control Arm Replacement
Ball Joint and Endlink Replacement

Clock Test
Jack up the front end of the car, put your hands at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock and push/pull back and forth. If the tire moves back and forth, the ball joints are shot. You can do the same test for tie rods at 3 and 9.

Front Suspention
1996-2007 Front Endlink Replacement
Front Strut Assembly Replacement
Front Strut Assembly Additional Info
Front Suspension Removal Video
Front Sway Bar Installation
Outer Tie-Rod Removal
The below link is for outer tie-rod end replacement. The former link went offline, and the page is now hosted on the Internet WayBack Machine.
Inner Tie-Rod Replacement
Drilling Out Spot Welds
2013 http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/114...ing-hub-assembly-replacement.html#post3374737

Rear Suspension
What brand is good?
Rear Aftermarket Spring and Strut Comparison
Rear Strut Assembly Replacement
Rear Sway Bar Installation
Rear Sway Bar Endlinks Info
Rear Sway Bar Interchange Information (Wagons)
Strengthening Rear End

SHO Sway Bar Information
General Sway Bar Info
Rear Sway Bar Info

Suspension Interchange Information
1996-2007 Suspension Interchange Information
Suspension Interchange
SHO to SLO Strut Interchange Information

Sway Bar Measurement Tool
Click the link below and print at 100% (do not select "Shrink to Fit"; select 100% scale). Cut around the outside border with a pair of scissors. Using the edge marked "Start" wrap around the sway bar until the gauge overlaps the start edge. This will give you an approximate measurement of the diameter of the sway bar.
Sway Bar Measurement Tool

The brake light on these cars act as a brake system malfunction indicator as well as notifying you that the parking brake is on. If the light is staying on and the parking brake is not set or if it flashes sometimes, then there is a problem with the braking system (leaking fluid, low pads/shoes, etc.).

1986-1995 Front Brake Job
1996-1999 Front Brake Job
2000-2007 Front Brake Job

1996-2007 Rear Drum Job
Rear Disk Installation Pictures
Rear Disk Job

Brake Fluid
Bed New Pads
Season New Rotors

Brakes Suddenly Go Out? Bad Master Cylinder
Brake Upgrades
Caliper Painting
Car Shimmys/Shakes on Braking
Squeaky Brakes
E-Brake light flickers on and off?
E-Brake light stays on or never comes on?
Front 11.6" Rotor Upgrade
Front Brake Upgrade Using SHO Parts
Mustang PBR Upgrade
No Power Assist?
Parking Brake Loud Bang On Release
Parking Brake Usage Procedure
Parking Brake Adjustment
Prevent Parking Brake From Locking
Proportioning Valve
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Adding LED Turn Signals in Mirrors
Adding rear wiper (1992-1995 wgaons)
Brake Lights Not Working
Centennials and Altezzas (2000-2007)
Contour Chin Spoiler
Door doesn't latch when cold?
Dual Exhaust Installation (1996-2003)
Foglight Wiring Diagram (Aftermarket)
Rear Foglight Installation
Front Bumper Removal (2000-2007)
Front Bumper Swap (1996-1999)
Front Door Installation and Alignment
Front Lip Mod w/ Garage Door Tape
Exterior Door Handle Removal (1996-2007)
Mach 1 Chin Splitter
Removing Roof Rack Crossbar
Removing mirror caps
Removing Power Mirrors (1996-2007)
Replacing Power Mirrors
Perimeter Lamps (G4 to G3)
Puddle Lamp Installation (1996-2007)
Puddle Lamp Pictures
Rear Bumper Removal (1992-1995)
Rear Bumper Removal (2000-2007)
Rear Quarter Glass Removal/Installation (1996-2007)
Rocker Panel Trim Removal (1996-2007)
SHO Spoiler on Sable
Spoiler Installation
Spoiler Interchange List
Swapping Doors
Trunk Vent Fix
1989-1995 Sable Lightbar Bulbs
1992-1995 Taurus SLO to SHO Front Bumper Conversion
2000-2003 Mesh Grille Mod

Vehicles with our bolt pattern
Wheel Offset Information
Wheel Spacers

New tires: Mount on Front or Rear?
All-Seasons or Winter tires?
Tires (Wear Bars)

Lug Nut Size
Police Center Caps and Lug Nuts
Painting rims
What Tire Sizes Mean
Tire Size Calculator
Tire Age
http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/119...s-tires/176807-tpms-learning.html#post1754996 (2008+ models only)

Auto Lamps
Adding AutoLamps (general instructions)
Adding AutoLamps (2000-2003)
Adding AutoLamps (2004-2007)
Auto Lamps on all the time?
Auto Lamps on all the time with EATC 051 Code
Auto Lamps not coming on?
AutoLamp Problems - Common Symptoms
Sunload Sensor Fix
Sunload Sensor Interchange

Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
Daytime Running Light (DRL) Module Location (1996-1999)
Daytime Running Light (DRL) Module Location (1996-1999)
Daytime Running Light (DRL) Relay Location (2000-2003)
Effectiveness of DRLs

Headlight Info
1994-1995 LX/SE Discoball
Angel Eye Mod
Demon Eye Mod
Bulb Info (1)
Bulb info (2)
Bulb Info (3)
Centennial Information
Make your own Centennials
GE Nighthawks
Harness plug too big for retainer?
Headlight Harness
Headlight Harness Install
Headlight Harness Install (Detailed)
Headlight Switch (with Foglight) Swapping (with Sable or F150 headlight switch)
Headilght Wattage
Polishing your headlights
Want brighter headlights?
Water in the headlight
Wiring Colors (2001-2003)
Vinyl Headlight Eyebrows

Headlight Aiming
General Headlight Aiming

Headlight Removal
1996-1999 Taurus
1996-1999 Sable
1996-2007 Bulb Removal
2000-2007 (Additional Info)

Taillight Info
Adding Rear Amber Turn Signals
Niteshading Taillights
1992-1995 Sequential Taillight Mod
1996-1999 Brake Light Addition
1996-1999 Taillight Mod
1998-1999 Taillight Mod
2004+ Taillights on 2000-2003 models
Trailer Wiring Information

Taillight Removal
1996-1999 Sable Sedan
1996-2005 Wagon
2000-2007 Sedan

How to install non-adhesive window tint
Tint laws by state
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Adding Auxiliary Trunk Light
Adding Courtesy Lamps (1999)
Adding Courtesy Lamps (2000-2007)
Autodim Mirror, Footwell Light, and Power Antenna Installation
Cabin Air Filter Replacement/Addition
Center Console Removal (Column Shift)
Center Console Removal (Floor Shift 2000-2007)
Cigarette Lighter Replacement
Cigarette Lighter Rocket Launcher!
Cigarette Lighter Rocket Launcher (Direct Solution)
Courtesy Lamp Wiring
Cruise Control Not Working? Heard a snap or click sound?
Cruise Control Not Working? Try Cleaning Contacts.
Cruise Control Not Working? Try attaching loose cable
Dashboard Removal (2000-2007)
Dash Lights Not Working
Dash Logo Light Mod (1992-1995)
Dash Separation Near Cluster
Door Panel Removal (1996-1999)
Door Panel Separation
Door Panel Separation Fix
Foglight Switch Removal (1992-1995)
Front Door Wind Noise
Front Seat Swap (1996-2007)
Front Seat Swap (Additional Info For 2004-2007 Models)
Gentex and GM Mirror Wiring
Glovebox Latch Rekey
Headlight Switch Removal (1996-2007)
Headrest Removal and Installation
Hole in rear package tray
Ignition Module Info
Ignition Turns With No Resistance and Car Won't Start
Installing Grab Handles (2000-2007 non-moonroof models)
Interior Floor Courtesy Lamps Installation (2000-2007)
LED Interior Wiring
Make Your Own DIN/Radio Keys
Moonroof Access Panel Fix
Passenger Airbag Information
Passenger Seat Rattles
Painting the Interior
Rearview Mirror Removal
Removing Radio Bezel (2000-2007)
Shakey Dash? (1992-1995)
Seatbelt Removal
Speedometer Erratic or Jumping with Odd Sound
Sunroof Frame Broken?
Third Brake Light Removal (2002-2007)
Tint Removal
Wet passenger side floor? Read this.
Vent Removal (1996-2007)

Dome Light
Door ajar or dome light Stays On? Try this. (With Pictures)
More proof about dome light problem
Pictures of Switch
Additional info about Door Ajar/Dome Light Issue on Wagons
Adding dome light on late model '03 and newer (with moonroof)
Dome light stays on, but door ajar light works normally

Gear Indicator In Speedometer Is All Black
This is normal if you have a floor shift model (except 1996). You do not have any burned out lights behind it. It does not have a gear indicator in this spot. Only column shift models and floor shift models built in 1996 will have the gear indicator in this spot. Here's your sign.

Gauge Cluster/Dashboard Removal
1992-1995 (Additional Info)
1996-1999 (Column Shift)
1996-1999 (Floor Shift)

Gauge Cluster Swap Information

Needle Calibration:
Make sure that before you take the needles off, you remove the pins that hold the needles at their "zero" position, position the gauges vertically, and let them sit there for 10 minutes. That will allow the needles to drop all the way the the true zero position. Mark that angle for each needle with a piece of tape. This will keep the current calibration.

An alternative method for calibration if you've already pulled off the needles without marking them is a lot less convenient. Get a GPS with a speed readout and drive around with the dash and cluster open. I recommend not going more than 30 MPH, but others recommend going 60 MPH. Anyways, go a certain speed and then pop the needle on at the speed indicated on the GPS.

Create Custom Gauge Faces
1990-1995 Glow Gauge Install
1990-1995 Digital Dash Swap
1990-1995 Detailed Information (Analog Gauges)
1996-1999 SHO Cluster Swap Info
1996-1999 LED Lighting
2000-2007 Cluster Swap Info
1986-1995 Digital Odometer Information
1990-1995 Mileage Correction
1996-1999 Mileage Correction/Odometer Swap
2000-2003 Mileage Correction/Odometer Swap
2004-2007 Mileage Correction/Odometer Swap
2000-2007 Cluster Removal/Partial Dash Removal
2000-2007 Complete Dashboard Removal
2004-2007 Cluster Console Information
2004-2007 Engineering Test Mode

The sedan's folding back seat can be installed in place of the sedan's non-folding back seat on 1996 to 2007 models. Review the seat removal topics below to do the swap.

1996-2007 Sedan Back Seat Removal (with folding seat)
1996-2007 Sedan Back Seat Removal (without folding seat)
Front Seat Removal
Lincoln Seat Swap
Upgrading Front Seats (1986-1995)
Upgrading Front Seats (1996-2007)
Wagon Rear Seat Removal

Shifter Topics
(also see Transmission section for more topics)
Column Shift to Floor Shift Conversion (1990-1995)
Column Shift to Floor Shift Conversion (2000-2007)
Column Shifter Removal (1990-2007)
Floor Shifter Removal (2000-2007)
Loose Shift Knob?

Steering Wheel/Column Topics
Explorer/Mountaineer Steering Wheel Swap (with Lighted Cruise Control)
Adding Lighted Cruise Control (2000-2002)
Ignition Cylinder Removal
Steering Column Disassembly
Steering Wheel Logo Removal (2000-2003)
Steering Wheel Removal (2000-2003)
Steering Wheel Removal (2004-2007)
Steering Wheel Swap
Steering Wheel Violently Spinning After Rack Replacement?
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Safeguarding You Car Stereo
1990-2004 General Wiring Colors
2002 Radio Wiring Diagram
Audio System Diagnostic Procedure

Ashtray Radio Install (1996-1999) (1)
Ashtray Radio Install (1996-1999) (2)
Convert Manual to Electronic Climate Control
Factory ICP CD Player Swap (2003 into 2000)
FM Modulator Install
JBL Stereo/Sub Install (1996-2007)
Radio On Until Door Opened (Mod)
Swapping Climate Control and Radio Locations (1992-1995)
TDE1 Tape Error

RCU Information (1996-2007)
The RCU (Rear Control Unit) is the "brain" of the audio system. The RCU is not only an amp, but also the signal processor and radio tuner. Think of the RCU like a computer's processor and the control panel in the dashboard is the computer monitor and keyboard.

Stock RCU: 12 watts total
Mach RCU: 80 watts total
JBL RCU: 100 watts total (20W per speaker x 4, 20W for subwoofer)
Audiophile System (08-09 Taurus/Sable): 190 watts total

Do they interchange? Yes! They are plug and play. No special wiring is needed to swap between the two. Doesn't matter if one's from a sedan or wagon, they all interchange.

Adding amp to stock RCU
ICP and RCU Pin-Out Diagram
JBL 35wx4 Power Upgrade
JBL vs. Mach
Mach Left Channel Not Working
Mach RCU Part #s
Mach RCU and Tweeter Pictures
Mach RCU Swap Preparations
RCU Location (1996-2007 Sedans)
RCU Location (1996-2005 Wagons)

A note on the Sync system: In order to install the updates to the Sync system yourself, take care to perform the updates using Microsoft Windows.
Microsoft did not make the Sync system compatible with Macs, and any attempt to update using OS X will result in failure. (this test was done using OS X Lion)

Aftermarket Head Unit/Install Kits

*** Electronic climate control cannot be swapped with manual climate control ***

2004-2007 Radio Airbag Light Mod (original)
2004-2007 Radio Airbag Light Mod (clarification)
Aftermarket Radio Installation (2000-2007)
Aftermarket Radio Kit Illumination
Best Radio Kit
Double DIN Install (1996-1999)
Double DIN Install (2000-2007)
Defrost Button Replacement
Electronic Climate Control Aftermarket Radio Info (General Info)
Electronic Climate Control Aftermarket Radio Info (2000-2007)
Electronic Climate Control Custom Radio Faceplate (1996-1999)
Metra Defroster Wiring
Metra Install Instructions (1996-1997)
Scosche FAI-3A Line Out Converter Wiring Diagram

CD Changer and Aux Input
Aux Input Mod (Intercept Wires)
Aux Input Mod (Solder Internally)
Best iPod/MP3 Interface For Stock Radio
Best iPod Interface
CD Changer Pin Diagram
Installing CD Changer in Wagon (1)
Installing CD Changer in Wagon (2)
Installing PIE FRDR-AUX
Installing PIE X3 (Console CD Changer)
Installing PIE X3 (Trunk CD Changer)
Sirius Add-On
Stuck CD in CD Changer?

Power Antenna
Power Antenna Comparison (1996-2007)
Power Antenna Installation (1986-1995)
Power Antenna Installation (1996-2007)
Power Antenna Hookup (1996-2007)

Speakers and Tweeters
1986-2007 Speaker Sizes and Locations
1996-2007 Sedan Rear Speaker Installation (with folding seat)
1996-2007 Sedan Rear Speaker Installation (without folding seat)
1996-2007 Front Door Speakers and RCU
1996-2007 Power Wire Routing Diagram
Stock Speaker Depth for 6x8 (2.75")
Installing 6x9 in Rear Deck (2000-2007)
Removing LED Brake Light (2002-2007)
Speaker Baffles
Tweeter Wiring (non-SEL models)
Mach Tweeter Wiring Info
Additional Tweeter Wiring Info
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Electrical Connector Guide
Wiring and Fuse Guide
1990-2004 General Wiring Colors
1992-1995 Wiring Diagrams
1996-2007 Key Programming
2004-2007 Engineering Test Mode
ABS Light Always On, After Hub Replacement
Adding Aux Theft Light
Adding Aux Theft Light to Sunload Sensor
Adding Circuits to Door Jamb
Adding Keypad to Door (2003)
Adding Keyless Entry (1986-1995)
Adding Lighted Cruise Control Buttons (2000-2002)
Adding Lighted Unlock (1996-1999)
Adding Lighted Unlock (1996-2003) * Abridged *
Adding Light Sensitive Illuminated Entry (2002/2003 SEL)
Adding Traction Control Switch (2004-2007)
Aftermarket Keypad Manual
Alarm Keeps Going Off
Audio Troubleshooting Chart (2001)
Battery Light Flickers at High RPMs
Broken Cruise Control and Horn
Cell Phone Remote Start
Changing Door Switches LEDs
Changing Interior LEDs
Clean Grounds (The Big Three)
Clock Bulb
Computer beeps?
Computer Relearn Procedures
Cruise Control Actuator Swap (98/99 to 96/97)
Dash Lights Won't Illuminate, but Turn Signal Always On?
Dimming/Flickering Cluster Lights?
Disable AutoLocks
Disable Chime
Door Locks Broken?
Doors try to lock themselves over and over while driving
Factory Alarm Information (2000-2007)
Firewall Hole(s)
Firewall Hole (1996-2007 Floor Shift)
Flashing ABS light
Flashing Engine Light
Fuse Panel Diagrams
Gas Cap Light On
GEM Programming?
GEM, Fuse Panel, SJB Removal
Gentex 140 Autodim Mirror Calibration
GM 4-Note Horn Install
Heated Mirror Addition (1986-1995)
Heated Mirror Addition (1996-2007)
How To Make Electical Diagnosis A Bit Easier
Horn Wire
Illuminated Entry Info (1992-1995)
Installing CB Radio
Installing Remote Start
Instrument Panel Wiring Diagram (1994)
Illuminated Reverse Lights On With Illuminated Entry Mod
Keypad Code Doesn't Work
License Plate Lights Removal and Replacement (2000-2007)
Lighting Wiring Diagram
Lights Dim, Battery Light Flashes
MPG Readout Freezing? (2004-2007)
OEM rearview emblem-camera installation DIY
Push Button Start Mode
Radio On Until Door Opened (Mod)
Rear Defroster Grid Repair
Remote Keyfob Programming
Remote Keyless Entry Module Location (1992-1995 Wagons)
Remote Start Install (2000)
Replacement Light Bulbs
Retro Solutions HID fix
Reverse Lights Not Working (Wagons)
Sunload Sensor Wiring Diagram (1993)
Turn Signal Flasher Location
Turn Signal Indicators On Solid
Using Sedan Remote on Wagon
Wagon Liftgate Ajar Light On
Wagon Liftgate Lights/Speakers Not Working
Weird and random electrical problems?
Windsheild Washer Not Working?
Wipers won't stop?
Wiper Delay Problem
Wiring Information

Power Windows
Express Up/Down Windows
Express Down Passenger Side Window
Grunting Noise When Going Up
Noisy Windows
Motor Removal and Replacement
Power Window Fastener Substitute
Power Windows Not Working?
Power Windows Are Slow
Power Window Motor Removal
Power Windows Not Working
Rear Windows Only Go Down Half Way
Window Glass Replacement (1996-2007)

Do I Have Keyless Entry Remote Capability? How to test and program remotes.
All doors must be Closed. Insert key in ignition and QUICKLY (not more than 1 second between positions) move from OFF To RUN (not START) 5 times (for 1996 and 1997 models) or 8 times (1998 to 2007 models). Ending in RUN. If the doors lock and then unlock then you have keyless entry.

Within 20 seconds, press any button on an transmitter, and the doors will lock and then unlock to confirm that each transmitter has been programmed. Repeat this step for each transmitter.

NOTE: If the door locks do not respond for any transmitter, wait several seconds and press the button again.

Using Integrated Key/Remote From Another Ford Vehicle on 2000-2007 Models

Multi-Function Switch (MFS) Problems
Common Symptoms: Headlights don't work (highs and/or lows), wipers don't work correctly, turn signals don't work correctly, hazards don't work correctly, any combination requiring moving the MFS or turning on another feature to get one feature to work.

Removal and Replacement
Deeper Cleaning
Testing (1)
Testing (2)
How it works

2004-2007 Instrument Cluster Issues
If various unrelated warning lights are illuminated and/or the information center is not illuminating properly, you may have a weak battery or bad ground.

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Generation 5/6 Info
2008-2015 Taurus and Sable
2005-2007 Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego

***For Additions, Corrections, or other concerns, please send me a Private Message****

Common Issues/Questions/Troubleshooting for All Generations
See content on Page 1 of the Topic Finder.


Custom Grille for 2010-2012 vehicles


Aftermarket OEM Navigation for MyFord Touch Equipped Vehicles (2013-2015)
Wiring Diagrams and Technical Service Bulletins for All Model Years
Speaker Sizes 2013-15

Wheels, Tires, and TPMS
http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/119...terior-wheels-tires/176807-tpms-learning.html (Key Start)

Passenger Blend Door Actuator/Recirc Door Replacement(always hot/cold air)
http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/114...08-taurus-blower-motor-only-working-high.html (Blower Motor Resistor Replacement)

Powertrain, including Tuning
Throttle Body Replacement, Clear Keep Alive Memory (KAM) and Idle Trim Relearn


Duratec 30 (3.0L naturally aspirated, in Five Hundred--see previous page posts in Gen1-4 materials)

Duratec 35 "Cyclone" (3.5L naturally aspirated, including 3.5L Ti-VCT) and 6F50 Transmission

Shudder in 2008 -- Torque Converter and Fluid Filter
Calibration and Speed Sensors TSBs (2008)
Water Pump Failures
More Water Pump Failures
Crank/No-Start P0627

EcoBoost 3.5L Twin Turbo (SHO)/6F55

EcoBoost 2.0L/6F35
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