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Hey Gang:
After getting my car from the body shop (going to the body shop is always scary for me), and noticing not only did they fix my car but stole some parts at the same time ! They didn't do a good job at ripping me off because what the body shop did is very noticeable. They removed the rubber hangers that hold-up the rear of the dual exhaust system. The body shop stole one rubber hanger and replace the left side with a non-Ford rubber hanger. These are very odd parts but in my opinion very important parts, like everything else that makes a car go.

I had to make a special order from the Ford dealer and for those of you that need these parts here's the Ford part number:

This part number is for the dual exhaust system and for the '97 Mercury Sable (Taurus?) model year.

I'll post this part number in my Data Sheet as an update. It may make ordering easier for those who need it.

Nothing worse than going to get your car fixed only to find out they ripped you off. Never going back there again.
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