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Exhaust Questions

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Hey guys another semi-newbie here,
I have recently purchased 2 Heartthrob aluminized glasspacks from JC whitney. I went to Meineke today and the guys told me that they were pretty much not going to help my car at all. I have stock dual exhaust, and it pretty much is just aesthetic. Y-pipe in the back.
I am thinking about getting a 40-series flowmaster and cutting my exhaust down to one muffler, and then maybe putting a dual-tip on the end to make it look cool.

Any suggestions and comments would rock.

Peace and blessings,

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If you currently have dual mufflers then I would stick with that and just replace the stock ones with flows.
I got a pretty decent performance boost when I went from factory "dual exhaust" to a single pipe. I had them weld up a single 2 1/2" pipe from the flex pipe on back using pre-bent mandrel bends, and I went with a flowmaster 40 series deltaflow. I got some rasp with this set-up, so you might want to install a resonator. Stock piping before the rear split is smaller than 2 1/2", I think maybe 2 1/4", then once it does split it gets really small, I think 1 7/8" or 1 3/4". I paid about $320 for my cat-back, you'll probably pay a little more if you decide to get a resonator.
Hey guys thanks for the replies,
I did have my stock resonator removed, and I can already tell a little bit of difference in the smoothness of transition, that and when I rev the engine in neutral or while idleing it sounds awesome.

The stock dual isnt really helping all that much with the flow seeing as it splits so far to the back of the car. Would it be cheaper to buy 2 flows and replace my stock mufflers with them, instead of the cost of a muffler shop cut my exhaust down to one muffler and put on a single flow?

It was sort of dissapointing to hear that the mufflers (aluminized glasspacks)I bought were not giong to help. If anything I thought that they would allow more flow. They are straight through with some swirl design things on the inside. Are glasspacks crap anyways?

Opinions? More suggestions?

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Well seeing as you already bought the glasspacks, try them out and see how they sound. If you don't like them, you can always unload them in the Buy&Sell paper.
The only extra work too do is to add short tailpipes to each muffler because they're no doubt shorter than the factory mufflers, and don't have the little integral turndown tips. That's the cheapest and easiest solution. Like it was said, the drawback with the factory duals is the two into one into two layout that has too many bends, and reduces down in size too much. None of the bends are mandrel which makes it even worse. If your whole system is getting rusty, then a new single exhaust like Mikehawk described would be better. My 97 duratec mufflers are starting to rust at the seams. Aesthetically I like the duals, so when I replace them, I think it will be with the Flowmaster 60 series delta flow for small displacement engines. Unfortunately, they're still not available in stainless steel. I'm going to go with stainless tailpipes with turn downs which contribute to a mellower sound. No matter what you buy, no V6 is going to sound as good as a V8. All you can do is try to move away from a raspy, buzzy sound towards a deeper mellower sound. Unfortunately, that usually requires some trial and error with muffler choices, unless you're lucky enough to hear a setup you like on another car.
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Replacing your mufflers isn't going to increase flow that much. The restriction is in
1. the exhaust manifolds (which there is no aftermarket parts for) and
2. the crushed-bent exhaust tubing. Replacing the exhaust cat-back with a mandrel-bent setup wi really help, but it's pricey ($300-400, as mike said).

If you replace the whole cat-back setup, having one or two tailpipes will not make any difference.
Where would I be able to find some mandrel piping that I could use for my car? I want to allow better flow for my car, but right now a cat-back isnt in the works money wise. I have the resonator out, and I was thinking about finding a single exhaust from a salvaged taurus and put that(from the resonator to muffler) onto mine so I dont have to pay the custom fees(cutting my dual and patching the hole). Are the bends on single exhausts still the same? Would I be wasting time/money in the salvage parts?
Jeg's, JC Wihtney, or any other peformance parts supplier. It will be a set of various bends in whatever sze you order (2 1/4", 2 1/2", etc.). Give those to the muffler shop when you go in, and they will use them where they need them.

I haven't looked at the dual exhaust setup very closely, but I don't think that replacing it will make any difference. there may be more bends, but there is also twice the amount of volume coming out the tailpipes, so the pressures after the wye are cut in half.
come up here to canada and we will show you how exhaust is done
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