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Hey guys just recently purchased a 2004 Taurus SES (vulcan)

and i have noticed it gets horrible gas mileage average around 15.6 doesn't matter if i'm cruising the highway or city..

anyways everyonce and awhile it's been throwing a P0430 which i know is normally a bad cat, maybe rarely a bad 02 sensor..

I did notice it sounds like i have an exhaust leak towards the back of the engine, i can't tell where exactly it's coming from though,

so my question is this probably the reason for the P0430 right? i mean the car is super well maintained everything under the hood looks new i know the 02 sensors have been replaced, and with 139k i would think it shouldn't be the actual cats yet?

so would an exhaust leak be the sole cause of the P0430 since i guess it could mess with the 02 reading, and secondly what about the bad MPG i mean an exhaust leak shouldn't cause my mileage to be that bad would it?

thanks for any input, i really don't know what to do about the bad mpg, air filter is new and it recently had a tune up...

thanks in advance for any input at all, i'm 100% new to the taurus world and my last 6 cars have had toyota 2JZ's which i know in and out lol..

i've searched these forums a bit, but i guess just wanted some more insight or confirmation
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