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Product Name: Plasti-Dip Matte Black

Price Paid: $4.50 per can

Purchased From: DipYourCar.com

Product Description:
Plasti-Dip is a multi-purpose, air dry, specialty rubber coating. It can be easily applied by dipping, brushing, or spraying.

The Review:
After painting several sets of rims and getting tired of the long drawn out routine of prepping, priming and waiting on long dry times I decided to try Plasti-Dip. This product as the description says is a rubber coating. It stays pliable, soft and stretchy after drying. Thus giving it the ability to be peeled off rather than sanded or chemically removed when applied correctly. The cans come in your standard size aerosol which should get you around 10 coats (1 wheel). The product goes on fairly smooth with minimal effort. Even those who have never spray painted in their life should have no issues applying this product. In most cases you do not even have to mask. Over spray comes off anything with the rub of a finger or a quick wipe with a microfiber towel. The flash and dry times are very quick. I experienced and average flash time of 5-8 minutes between coats with a final cure time of roughly 2 hours before I was able to handle the product without risk of damage. The nozzle that comes on these cans however lacks. You need to keep them clean in between coats or you could get spotting or spitting from the can. The width of the spray on the stock nozzle could also cause you issues especially if you're trying to cover a large surface. However the nozzle is perfect for Trim, most wheels etc.. I would recommend swapping the nozzle out. Repairing of runs, spots etc.. can be a headache if not done correctly. You cannot just spray over the area as you will get hard lines due to different product thickness. Feathering the edges of repair before hand is a must. Durability of the product is alright, this is not a hardened paint or powder coat so do not expect it to take a beating. Removal of Plasti-Dip is by far the easiest process of any paint product there is. Once applied correctly (multiple coats) it simply peels off. For problematic areas (really thin) WD-40 works wonders. They also make a solution specifically made for removing Plasti-dip.

Little to no prep, peels off, very quick flash/drying times, sticks to anything, little to no masking

Nozzle, durability, repairs

Final verdict: Would I recommend this product as an alternative to traditional painting? Yes and no. Yes beings that if you're looking for a quick, temporary paint solution that requires very little knowledge or just change colors frequently. No if you're looking for a permanent paint solution. It simply lacks the durability for long term use especially on the exterior.

Some quick examples of what the product looks like applied.

Thank you to member blaq for sending me this.
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