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What kind of exhaust can I put on a 00 SEL with the 24V DOHC. I was thinking Magnaflows. I want something that sounds good, but doesn't sound like a rice burner. I dread that annoying weed wacker sound, and if I put exahaust on I don't want that sound. I used to drive a Crown Vic and had dual glass packs which made it sound sweet, but that was a V8. I don't know how a 6 would sound. Would glass packs even work?
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As you've noticed, a V-8 (because of its two extra cylinders) has a much different sound than a V-6, and from everthing I've heard (literally) you can't make 6 into 8 and be happy, at least in the case of exhaust.

It seems like most everybody here keeps the resonators and adds hi-flow mufflers. Bob G says it doesn't really add to performance, but I'd like to think you might squeek a mpg or 2 out of it.

So your going for sound and aesthetics. I'd consider going to duals with fairly quite mufflers. I hate a loud car that you have to hear above road noise for miles and miles.

If I don't get some kind of measurable increase, I wouldn't bother. So the big draw for me would be the aesthetics of duals..

Get a nice looking pair, and all will admire them.
Yeah, I guess, I don't really want a really loud noise, just something that makes a sound on take off and cruising speed. But not a whiny noise. I read the Dual Exhaust post and it seems like it'll cost a lot to try to put duals on a GEN4 Taurus, so i may stick to a single exhaust. I'm not really going for extra hp since I have plenty it seems.
Don't get Magnaflows if you DON'T want noise. They are pretty loud.

But is it a good loud or an annoying whiny loud? Is it tollerable?
go to www.magnaflow.com to hear soundclips. they dont have one for a taurus, but listen to other v6's. it should be similar.
Originally posted by jedhead@Apr 13 2004, 06:05 PM
Don't get Magnaflows if you DON'T want noise. They are pretty loud.

I completely disagree. I have dual MagnaFlows and they are quiet... not loud, no rasp.... justa smooth mellow tone. They are barely louder than stock.

I added dual stainless mufflers (part #14335) to an otherwise stock dual exhaust.

They may be loud on a straight exhaust without resonators, but added to the stock Taurus exhaust they are quiet.
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