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:( Hi, i am having trouble with my 2004 sel 24v dohc 3.0/3.1l
Firstly my mechanic friend told me that using his code reader he was getting code 511, the car has started to idle really low and more often than not stalls when i have to stop. My first problem was a noise coming from under the hood which turned out to be the a/c bearing had seized, i was still able to drive the car, but obviously it was not recommended to do this too often, then one day at work as i was leaving the low idling problem started.
Now i am also told i will need a new compressor as well as new bearing(s) so now i also want to be advised as to wether it may be better to take it to Fords or to a local mechanic ? How much is it likely to cost or how many hours should it take to do this work ? someone has told me that Fords have a set price for certain types of work and that is all you are charged even if they take a lot longer.

Thank you

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