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Engine Swap?

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Just wondering.. um... If there's a way to get a 3.4L V8 from a 96-99 SHO into my '95 GL. The car's mine, and I've got money to spare, so I'd very much like to put a 3.4 in there and slap a couple of the new V8 badges from Ford on the side...
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Originally posted by Qwertz9586@Apr 16 2004, 08:24 PM
I think the 3.4L is slightly too big to fit in the G2 engine bay.
I'm not really sure about that. The V6 won't fit in a Gen 3, but the V8 might fit into a Gen 2. The V8 is lighter, and 15HP more powerful, but there are so many more bolt-on mods for the V6. I'm note sure if it would be worth it to try to find out.
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