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Engine Swap Questions

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I'm looking to replace the entire subframe/engine/trans assembly in my '97 Sable. It is a standard 12 valve (VIN U, I think), NOT the cammer. Even though the engine is absolutely spotless inside, it has other issues (long story) that make the cradle assy. swap tempting. I've located a complete, similar, low mileage 12V assembly from a 2000 Taurus, and it seems nobody can tell me if it will bolt in. I understand the manifolds and accessories can be/are different, but that's no problem unless they simply will not bolt up (as well as sensors). I've tried a local junkyard (doesn't know how to use his Hollander book I guess) and local Mercury dealer (got the deer in the headlights look). I did manage to find out that the bare subframe part # changed in '99, even though the body changed in '00.

Can anybody help, or direct me to someone who can?

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I'd look for a car that is the same year as yours. Try the junk yards outside the city; the ones inside the city in Indy are crazy.
AFAIK its a straight swap, subframes, engine, trans are all the same in terms of bolting up, the ECU is located in the firewall so make sure to get that, otherwise the gen3 and gen4 are basically the same car! Best thing would be to pull your own take out assembly (term for powertrain assembly) so you can compare cars in case there is anything different but AFAIK the only thing that changed on the vulcan in 2000 was the intake and maybe some reprogramming in the ECU
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