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Engine Squeeking

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Okay, I had the oil changed on Friday, changed the plugs and wires on Saturday. Sunday on my way home from work I noticed a slight squeeking coming from the engine. As I accelerated, it would get faster. Monday morn, squeek still there for about the first 2 miles then it went away. When I changed the plugs I noticed some dirt around the plug holes that I was careful not to get in the block. If I did somehow manage to get some in there, am I screwed? Can I just drain and refill the oil?
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Just a stab in the dark, but its probably the belt squeking on a pulley. Or, the pulley itself. If it goes from a squeek to a grind, be prepared to get a new pulley
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take the accessory belt off and run the car for a second or two. if the squeaking goes away, you've narrowed down your problem. fwiw, its probably an idler pulley. they tend to go bad first.
I forgot to mention that there was an oil leak, which I later found out was because the morons forgot to tighten the drain plug. Squeeking seems to have gone away. At least I don't hear it...
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my taurus has been squeeking quietly for 6 years....my taurus LAUGHS at such problems...
My taurus basically sounds like a Abrams tank. When i turn the steering wheel, the power steering system (pump), sounds like a vacuum cleaner and metal parts rubbing. My baby hasn't had a serious problem yet.
IAFphantom*GenIwagonV6* have you made sure that you weren't low on PS fluid? I know this may seem elementary, but you'd be suprised how many people never check. Your PS pump bearings might be goin out. YOu can find a Gen I PS pump from a junkyard for pretty cheap.
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