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My 2000 Taurus started throwing a code that translated into an unexpectedly lean engine. I suspected air was getting in someplace it shouldn't. Eventually, we found a small 3/32 inch slit in the crankcase breather hose coupler and when it flexed, it allowed a little air to enter. We replaced it with a complete stock Motorcraft hose. Hey, the last one lasted almost twenty years... Also replaced whatever other vacuum hoses we could with by cutting bulk tubing to fit. So far, so good.

I had a similar problem with my 94 Explorer years ago. The plastic duct that runs from the MAF to the engine was rubbing on the radiator and was sucking air through the worn spot. A new duct fixed the problem,

Question: When the system senses a lean condition in a 2000 Taurus and reports it, does it also try to enrich the fuel mixture to compensate?

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