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:chili: there is a easy engine ping fix in my case: last week, when open hood, found the PCV was loose, it was almost pop out from the seat, when pushed it back down, no more ping, even with 86 gas, ford dealer sucks, I took the car several time for this problem, they could not figure out what's wrong, just tell me use good gas!: :lol2:

Another problem with my 2000 se is the left front wheel noise, when the car run at low speed in the rough road (brick paved), there is a rattle and squeak sound come from the left front wheel, when the car turn left, it is worse, when turn right, there is no rattle and squeak, when in the park, and turn the wheel to left, there is squeak sound come just behind the left wheel,but no rattle sound, when turn the wheel to right, there is no squeak sound.

the dealer told me it was a balljoint, it need grease, because the ford balljoint can not be greased, it need to be replaced, but I doult their ability.

This problem made me very mad, I always afraid that the car will go apart while driving, and result in a fatal accident, can any body tell me what is the problem, any fed back will be appreciated. I am going to spend more on it. :ph34r:

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