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Hello All,

My 97' Taurus LX Duratec V6 (130,000 miles) was diagnosed by Ford as having "worn out sub-frame bushings and weak engine mounts". The engine actually moves when stressed (1st gear acceleration) and gives a loud thump and grinding noise.

Can someone provide me a list of the parts ?

I've researched this before and I can't determine this list. I am confused as to whether there are top & bottom mounts.. front, and rear.. left or right..
Some mounts have rubber in them. Is this the bushings?

This URL (below) seems to be the clearest as it covers 1996 - 2005. But it does not mention engine type..


I would just just like a clear list to replace all sub-frame bushing and engine

such as:

1) left front engine mount
2) right front engine mount..

I already bought a new car, so I want to acquire parts cheap and give the project to high school kids (auto shop)..

Thanks in advanced..

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