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Engine "missing"

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Ok without getting into too much boring detail, the other night i began to dreadfully notice a "miss" in the engine. What are the many factors that would cause the engine to "Miss"? Any help would be appreciated...
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Rather than start up a new thread, I've been thinking of doing a tune up on the 3.8l as well. It just seems that the spark plugs (especially the rear bank) are REALLY tough to get to.

Anyone have any tips or tricks for someone doing this for the first time on a 3.8? My mechanic wants to charge $200 for a tune up (doing all the things you've mentioned). I know pretty much the basics of changing the spark plugs, wires, distributor, etc, but give it to Ford to put such a big engine in such a tight space to complicate things...

Oh yeah, is that plug wire removal tool they show in the shop manuals really necessary?
Oh ok...when you did yours, did you take off any part of the intake or anything like that? I was looking at the back bank a coule of hours ago and I might be able to take the spark plugs from underneath or something...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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