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2013 FORD TAURUS 3.5L V6
Hello all, to start out I will introduce myself, my name is Adam and I have a 2013 Taurus SEL that I purchased new. Other than the infamous fuel pump relay issue I haven’t had any mechanical issues with it. It has 130,000 miles on it. I am trying my hand at small repairs and to say that I am a novice would be being generous. I am trying change out the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor and I have scoured the internet for the location. I can’t find anything whatsoever. One source video claimed to be changing an ECT sensor but I believe they actually changed out the Cylinder Head Temp Sensor. It was located under the lower intake on the RH cylinder head on the passenger side. Some people speak of these two interchangeably. So my questions to the community are;
-Where is the Engine Coolant Temp Sensor?
-Is it the same as a Cylinder Head Temp Sensor?
Thank you so much in advance and please use dumbed down language. I’m not mechanically savvy.
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