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hey, I have the same thing with my SVT Contour, although I had P0420 which is on the other bank.

After I had the code read at AutoZone, I had the car scanned and tested at my friend's shop. We tested everything, even the emissions. The emissions turned out to be fine, but the 02 sensor was sending strange readings. My car only has 50K miles. So we determined that there was an unusual reading but we couldn't determine the cause. P0420 and P0430 often points to the ineffeciency of the catalytic convertors.

We reset the computer. This code can only be cleared by a scanner, unhooking the battery will not clear the code.

Since then I have not had any problems and I've driven about 500 miles. We'll see if it comes back...

Here is a way you can test the 02 sensors versus the catalysts. The P0430/P0420 code refer to the 02 sensors after the catalysts. What you can do is swap the rear 02 sensors from one bank to the other. If your check engine light comes back on and the code is P0420 rather than P0430, then you know it is the sensor and not the catalyst.

Hope that helps.
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