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Begging for help, please! I am new to site and sorry if i am posting in wrong section. I am the original and only owner of a 2004 mercury sable. it has had a couple probs here and there and i had my ac fixed last year. Well, a week ago it got a rough idle and i thought ok, i need to deal with plugs, i am a single mom, completely broke/devastated by divorce, no money, no support system etc so i can't keep looking for the problem.

Before i could deal with what was simply a rough idle the car died suddenly after an idle issue. It starts again 10ft from my house so i drive it back in, call the shop i used for ac and they are very close and said, sounds like coil plug issue and a/c stops working when car comp says issues, so i was told it stops sending power to misc areas, drive it to the shop the guy tests it says bad coil, he puts in new coil, changes plug, a/c still blows hell fire out (ac also out in my house so my car was my only relief in this blazing heat) so car still not right, rereads codes comes back with bad downstream o2 sensor, he replaces, rereads codes says bad compression (at some point sorry but that issue was fixed with one of the changes) so after the coil, the spark plugs,the down stream o2 sensor, car doesn't run rough but suddenly reads that All coils are bad AND CAR BY THE WAY EVERY BLOCK IT BURNS ALMOST A TANK OF GAS SERIOUSLY, CROSSING THE STREET IT DROPS 3 MILES OF USEAGE ON DIGITAL) SO THE mechanic calls Electronic Guru of the Area with more specific and advnaced computers, sends it over, his computer (different shop) reads BAD COILS ALL, HE REPLACES ALL OF THEM, AND AFTER THAT IT STILL READS ALL BAD COILS, and of course still EXCESSIVE gas usage, ac not working for no reason, Both shops say, a bad comp PCM? Can cause crazy codes, my compression is fine, mechanically everything is fine, the mechanics are saying it is the PCM Telling the car that "it is not getting enough gas to run i don't know the injectors/the right mix whatever and to dump fuel into the system (it doesn't smell rich though just fyi exhaust smells fine) but its not fine to say "EXCESSIVE GAS USEAGE" is an Understatement when i have searced the posts, so excessive gas here means the car will read 300 miles to empty, i will go 7 miles to the shop and it will say 220 miles to empty and blowing hot the whole way, idle is not acting funky, i did replace one coil, (but remember 2nd shop did all new and still read bad coils, then took them out and God bless didn't charge for the code reading, taking off the valve cover replacing all the sht and then putting it back and sending it back to my guys shop, my guy is workng with me, he even put gas in the car!) but he said the only thing at this point that can be sendng out crazy and wrong codes is the PCM.

Someone please help me! I have not put my info up yet but i am on facebook (are we allowed to say that) as susan maximus or maximumsusan at hotmail.com
MY CAR IS 2004 MERCURY SABLE LS 57,000 MILES, fixes: new serp belt last year, a/c repair/freon, new tires, regular oil changes, nothing major

i am BEGGING FOR HELP My car and i have sat at the shop for a week straight, my parent are elderly and helping a bit w/ the repair but not made of money, lost my job, i mean go ahead and play the tiny violin guys but i am begging for help DOES IT REALLY SOUND LIKE MY PCM, why did a rough idle with a seemingly quick and easy replacement of a coil only fix that rough idle but then now idle not rough compression fine, but ac not running, EXCESSIVE GAS useage, all new coils put in then read bad coils, keeps throwing coil codes when NOT coils, please please please help, now they are trying to track down a PCM saying they think it is the computer throwing crazy codes. thank you in advance
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