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Electronic Climate Control To Knob Control

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From what I understand it is not possible to get an aftermarket head unit put in a Gen III Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus with digital climate controls. I am pissed. There is nothing Best Buy or Circuit City can do to install one. They can't even mount another cd player someplace else. It's just not possible. My cd player will not work, and my stock cd changer is breaking cds in half. The car has been for sale on and off, but now I definitely want to drive it of a cliff, or the more productive option- or sell it. Please help me! If there's any place you know of that can install an aftermarket head unit in a car with electronic climate control. The thing that really gets me, it that my older car, my 1989 Buick Park Avenue had climate control and I was able to install a cd player myself.

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I think one of the members here is experimenting with that. I'm not sure about the progress though.

BTW, an '89 Buick's ECC is separate from the stereo AFAIK. The G3/4 T/S are integrated.
Not just Ford, but other companies are starting to integrate everything into the stereo for some reason. Someone told me that some newere Pontiacs have the ABS linked to the stereo like the '04 Taurus/Sable. They don't want you to spend money to upgrade your car because they want to rip you on buying a CD player from them.
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