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Electronic Climate Control Question

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I have a 98 taurus se and have always wondered something about the electronic climate control. I always just leave it on auto. However, one day i was curious if i hit the max a/c button would the car cool down faster. So i did but i didn't hear any difference in the fan noise. On my other taurus that i had (and any other car i've used max a/c) when max is turned on, there's more noise from the intake fan turning on. Does auto automatically use max a/c or what? Also, it seems that my outside temperature sensor is now off by 5 degrees or so. I know it's on the dash up by the windshield. Is it possible that it's just got dirt or some armor all on it and that's messing up the reading?
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When I have mine on auto it pulls in fresh air all the time. I only put it on max when I pull up next to a stinky car or someone is smoking next to my car. When I put it on max you will hear a door close, causing the air to recirculate. The fan speed sometimes goes up a little, but not always. The air temperatur sensor should be around the climate controls just like on the Gen 4's. On top of the dash is the light sensor, but I could be wrong on the Gen 3's though.
The ambient air temperature sensor is on the front bumper, RH side. It is right next to the forward crash sensor. The forward crash sensor is underneigh the hood latch. The ambient air temperature sensor should be a few inches towards the passanger side.
I think first you should check all the connections under your passanger side dash. This is where the temperature blend door actuator connectors are. If you need connector or wire numbers let me know and I can give them off of my 03' wiring diagram(should be the same).
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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