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Electroncis Question On Trans

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Is a transmission in an 86 Taurus and aslo in an 89 Sable electronically controlled? as for shift points?

if it is, is there a chip out there that can control the shoft points?
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I believe they are, but do not quote me on that. I would contact AmericanMotorsport.com, They are very knowledgable of our cars and making chips for them. Everyone that has one as far as I know has been more than happy with the results.
Ok, I just found out for those who don't know and want to get enlightened.....

'86-90 Tauruses and Sables - the transmissions are not computer controled...... although they do have electronics in them......

2-3 shift switch
3-4 shift switch
Neutral Pressure Switch
and Torque converter selonoid
Yeah, the first Gen tauruses had vacum controlled trannies I think. Gen 2 tauruses may have computer controlled trannies, though I think the car computer is ODB 1 not ODB 2 on them if it makes a different. Gen 3 and up is all computer controlled with ODB II computers.

Most of those old cars do not have electronic shift not electronic pressure control. There are some controls to limit certain things based on some variables, but mostly torque limitaton tables.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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