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A few weeks ago my driver side window was acting up, and it was rolled down and would not close.
I'd push the button and I could hear a clicking sound from underneath the dashboard..
I let the car sit overnight and when i went out in the morning to work on it, the window rolled right up
and I havn't had the problem sense then.

The past week or so though, and get ready for this.... the car lock's itself without me pushing the lock button.
Here's what happened:

I drove to Walmart
All doors were unlocked
I went inside Walmart
Came back out
All doors were locked

And i realized that the car has done this the past few weeks I just thought that I must have locked it and forgot that I had.
It sounds like obviously some wires are shorted out somewhere because things are starting to go crazy.

Oh and by the way, I do NOT have a remote to control the locks, and I cycled the key
and I don't even think that my car is equipped with that feature.
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