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Hey guys...I'm new to the forum and don't know if you have already addressed this problem, but here goes...

I have a 99 Taurus SES with the 3.0 Duratec engine. A couple of months ago I started having an electrical type problem. In stop and go traffic the engine would rev down and the "batt" and "low fuel" lights would illuminate for a split second and then it would be fine. If I rolled up/down the pwr windows or locked the doors I could duplicate the problem. At highway speed it would be fine. The car has 85,000 miles on it and I thought the problem might be the alternator. Being at low RPMs it's not cranking out the same amount of juice as when I'm doing 70. So I pulled it...major surgery...and took it to Auto Zone where the dude said it was bad. Cool...I went to my local Ford dealership and got a new alternator and put it in. I thought the issue was finished until last week when I started having the same exact symptoms..."batt" and "low fuel" lights flash on and the RPMs drop. The car has never died on me and I want to keep it that way.

I was wondering if anyone has ever had these problems and what it took to fix them. My next stop is the dealership where I'm sure to get hosed at the drive through...I was hoping you guys could save me some grief and pain in the wallet.

I'm not a mechanical novice...but this car is a little more complicated than my 89 F150.

Thanx in advance for your help...

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its either a alternator or battery......my first guess would be alt, but since youve replaced it, it could be the battery.

Also check the alternator fuse....it will be a 30 amp fuse under the hood which tells the voltage regulator how charged the battery is.

Check all connections and grounds.

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